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What would love do?

The words of Love in 10 Sentences  just would not stop going round and round in my head as a sort of chant. Encouraged by the the kind words written after yesterday’s post the ten lines seem to have turned themselves into a poem.                                                                   If I don’t share it with you my head will burst!


Ooooooh love!, aaaaaaah love !                                                                                    Kiss and tender nuzzle love                                                                                 Addictive trippy tripping love

What would love do now?

Where are we going love?                                                                                               Over the moon love                                                                                                     Happy, smiley, people love

What would love do now?

Mother and daughter love                                                                                Everlasting Granny’s love                                                                                          Brother to brother love

What would love do now?

Oh no! forbidden love                                                                                                    Shh! don’t tell, hidden love                                                                                      Painful unrequited love

What would love do now?

Very cute puppy love                                                                                                      Love is all around you love                                                                                                  Truly unconditional love

What would love do now?




I’m new to writing poetry – it seems to have crept up on me when I wasn’t looking. I used to write some verses for myself, in times of teenage angst and relationship break-ups, but they were never out there for others to read. This feels very different!

I’d LOVE to hear what you think of this ode to love. ❤