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Love Rocks

dsc_0110-1My lovely US friend Rachel, who runs beautiful workshops on Healing the Healer  has introduced me to the Gratitude Circle which is a most wonderful group on Facebook created by Julie Santiago. Three years ago Julie had the ambition of surrounding the Earth with Gratitude.

The idea is to post something that you feel grateful for on each day of 40 days from the 22nd November to 31st of December. You can still join in. You don’t have to have started at the beginning.

On Day 16 of 40 I posted that I am grateful for the Gratitude Circle

It is a group where a huge feeling of love and connection is growing and blossoming and it gives me hope that we humans can pull ourselves back from the path of self-destruct that we seem to be hurtling down.

When I joined back in November, there were 11,000 people in the circle and already there are now over 13,000. There are beautiful stories, simple stories, heart felt stories and posts that make my heart sing.

On Day 15 Michele posted about Love Rocks.


She posted a picture of a table top covered with little pebbles covered with fabric hearts that she has left in random places for people to find – Love Rocks! it certainly does!!!

Here is what Michele wrote (she has given permission for me to share it with you)

A year and a half ago my sister came to visit from Oregon. Her last night here she said “Darn it! I meant to make and leave Love Rocks every where I went!” I asked her what they were. After she explained I said, don’t worry, I’ll make some and go back to every where you went and leave them. The first person to find one of mine and post made me so happy! I was hooked! I have been making them and leaving them ever since. The ones pictured went to Burning Man with my friends from my Flow Community. I always have some in my back pack so I am always prepared. I mostly leave them anonymously but sometimes when people are just nice to me or if I see someone sad I’ll say here I have something for you! Love Rocks came into my life when some very difficult issues happened in my family. I began to fall into a deep depression. Making and leaving Love Rocks was so soothing to my soul and seeing either in person or via fb how happy they made others in turn made me very happy as well. It has been a very long term sense of gratitude. My Sister lives in the same town as the woman who started it and they go to the same church. The story is sad but the movement is incredible!

I immediately started cutting out some fabric hearts to spread the

❤   LOVE   

You can read the story of how Love Rocks came about here.

And click here for a video of how to make Love Rocks.

I am delighted to honour Abigail and Anna and celebrate their lives and their wonderful Mom, Susan Dieter-Robinson, by making and sharing Love Rocks.

Maybe you will find one, maybe you will make one, maybe you will share one

In answer to the question,  ‘What would love do now?’

!Make Love Rocks!

Let’s surround the world in a great big hug of Gratitude and Love.


Here is my very own much treasured Love Rock given to me many years ago, hand-painted by a dear friend and her daughter.

It sits on my hearth – the heart of the home.

Love Hugs to all of you.




Bluedaisyz Photo Challenge. This week’s prompt: LETTERS
DSCF5420 (1)

Taken on holiday in Abu Dhabi 18 months ago, when I had the luxury of many happy hours making patterns and letters with shells on the beach. (I  have lots of letters, hearts and little messages and have wondered about selling the pictures as Jpegs in my Etsy shop.)

Others in the Photo Challenge: You just must go and have a look at Cathy’s entry this week! Brilliant!; here’s Jamie’s take on the subject. Just 3 of us this week. We would love to have more join in.

I had already chosen this photo when the prompt words for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge popped up: FUTURE and GIVE

so here we go

Till the tides are still

Now, future and forever

I give you my love


Photo challenge subject next week : CLOSE

A good one – two meanings, no wait, 3 meanings .. and is making me think. I like the way I now look at scenes and objects wondering if they would fit in to the photo challenge each week. I look at the world from a new perspective, which, for me, is what creativity is all about.

Update: I decided to give it a go and have put the picture in the Etsy shop just to test the waters so to speak. I’m thinking it could be printed off and stuck on the front of a fun greetings card for an engagement or anniversary. Or it can be printed out and framed as a present. But how to price it? Tricky – I’ve gone for £1.25 which is just under $2. What do you think?



Love, in love, loving

Delicious charge of wonder

Touching, holding hands

Photo Challenge: LOVE

This is one of my pebble pictures made on holiday in Abu Dhabi last year.

And another Haiku for the Haiku Challenge: prompt words Lovers and Charge.

In this one I have attempted to get the two sentences to work in opposition – the trickiest part of Haiku construction I think.

Touching, holding hands

High voltage charge of desire

Repels hurt lovers

Touching, holding hands, high voltage charge of desire.

High voltage charge of desire repels hurt lovers.


In fact, I now feel that the two Haiku work in opposition too – which gives me a slightly edgy uncomfortable feeling. Tempted to change them because of that, but have left the two together – I’ll be interested to see how you feel.

My favourite Haiku in the Challenge is from To Wear a Rainbow

Other photos in the Photo Challenge: by Jamie, I’m always on the look out for hearts in nature too; smiley, happy people from Cathy and Erika


Ronovan’s Review: “Two Haiku this week. Lot of hand holding going on. That second one works well for sure. The opposite meanings of the two sentence structure really brings out something. Really cool shell art she did.”

I’m smiling!! 🙂

And you can catch all the Reviews of all the other Haiku by  clicking here.

What would love do?

The words of Love in 10 Sentences  just would not stop going round and round in my head as a sort of chant. Encouraged by the the kind words written after yesterday’s post the ten lines seem to have turned themselves into a poem.                                                                   If I don’t share it with you my head will burst!


Ooooooh love!, aaaaaaah love !                                                                                    Kiss and tender nuzzle love                                                                                 Addictive trippy tripping love

What would love do now?

Where are we going love?                                                                                               Over the moon love                                                                                                     Happy, smiley, people love

What would love do now?

Mother and daughter love                                                                                Everlasting Granny’s love                                                                                          Brother to brother love

What would love do now?

Oh no! forbidden love                                                                                                    Shh! don’t tell, hidden love                                                                                      Painful unrequited love

What would love do now?

Very cute puppy love                                                                                                      Love is all around you love                                                                                                  Truly unconditional love

What would love do now?




I’m new to writing poetry – it seems to have crept up on me when I wasn’t looking. I used to write some verses for myself, in times of teenage angst and relationship break-ups, but they were never out there for others to read. This feels very different!

I’d LOVE to hear what you think of this ode to love. ❤

Love in Ten Sentences

Melissa, you have got me again!!!

This is what Melissa wrote on her blog (see link below) “I have been given a mission by Rosalyn from Mission to Mars, to write my impressions taken from the title ‘Love in Ten Sentences’ with ‘an axiom of using four words in each sentence and each sentence to include the word “love”. And conclude your writing with a favorite quote on love.’

There was nothing stated about passing this on, but I encourage anyone to do so if your interest is aroused. It is a love-ly idea and always nice to think and write about such a wonderful topic. So here are some of my serious and silly thoughts on love…”

Melissa’s ‘Love in 10’


And I was hooked – I just had to give it a go!

So here are my 10 sentences on LOVE:


Ooooooh, love, aaaah love

Kiss and nuzzle love

What would love do?

In love ….  love-in

Trippy love is addictive!

Happy, smiley, people love

Love is all around

Over the moon love

Very cute puppy love

Every day Granny love



My favourite LOVE quote is in line 3

What would LOVE do?

In a tricky situation it is good to ask yourself this very question – it can help.