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Silent Sunday Sand Spiral

Ringstead beach

Made by Miss E.


DSC_0002child star quality

emerging in her own time

home education


Ronovan’s Haiku prompt words : STAR and CHILD

photo challenge prompt: STITCH


The photo is of my 8 year old granddaughter who comes to me each Wednesday as she is being educated at home. It is fabulous for me to see how she is blossoming as we are coming up to the one year anniversary.


My computer has finally died. I have to make some big decisions about where to go next. I do not find it easy blogging from the iPad, so I will probably be a little quiet for a few weeks, very frustrating!

Next week the photo prompt is



Oh Happy Day


Joining in with Cathy’s brilliant meme – a In a Vase on Monday.

Hydrangeas and asters with the bag that Miss E (8) is making.


Last night goes right into the top 10 most surreal nights I have ever spent. I set the alarm for 1.30am so that I could watch the eclipse of the full moon – which was well worth staying up most of the night for. Magical, russet for a while and weirdly beautiful.

I knew the eclipse would take a few hours – what to do – I found a website where I could watch the eclipse in real time on my lap-top, as it was too bright to look at to begin with, got back into bed with lap-top and put a DVD on the TV to keep me awake. Every so often I would pause the DVD, put on my sunglasses and go outside to watch the moon.

The DVD was Hector’s Search for HappinessDSC_0654

with Simon Pegg – a nice easy watch for most of the time but taking me and my mind on a journey around the world searching for happiness – whilst also watching an eclipse on a computer as well as in reality, outside in the dark with sunglasses on – it sent my brain off in even more weird somersaults than usual, and set me thinking about what made me really happy.

I realised that sitting crafting all day listening to Radio 4, was one of the ways I get to feel that all’s well in my world, and that I have not had a whole day like that for ….. hmmm…… well …… years.

So I gave myself a ‘Happy Day’ and I sat and played with beads and made beaded decorations:

DSC_0657 DSC_0660

They are to be sewn onto some tote bags and shoulder bags that Miss EDSC_0662

is making with me. I thought I would make a selection and then she will no doubt come up with her own brilliant ideas to decorate her bag,DSC_0666

and the ones she wants to make for presents

DSC_0668It thrills me to bits when I can justify keeping all sorts of strange objects like these funny little animal boardsDSC_0656

which I will make some holes in with a bradle that belonged to my Grandmother,DSC_0667

and hang the dingle-dangles from them.

I worked/played from 8.30am til 5.30pm (with a short walk at lunchtime) and then I quickly put a vase together to join Cathy and her gardening pals. I didn’t want to miss out.


Oh Happy Day!

What would you love to do all day if you could?


Nearly finished ….

nearly finished

There is always a mini feeling of sadness when a big project is coming to an end, like when you arrive at the last chapter in a great novel and you don’t want to leave the world of the characters and the story.

I started this throw back in April, and if you are interested in the yarn and colours, click here and you can see the list I ordered. However I did not use the ‘raspberry’ in the end.


I have loved using this process of choosing the colours and working out the best combination and pattern and making up the sequence of colours according to the painting.

Has it worked? Well, I’m not sure it has – the zig-zags are maybe too bold … perhaps a more regular and repeating pattern would have worked better with single rows of each colour.

I have so enjoyed the ‘journey’ of it though. It holds many happy memories. It has led to making cushion covers for 3 grandchildren and they have been able to choose their own colours. And Miss E who painted this picture when she was 4 (at her house, so not in sight of the painting)


as the sort of picture that Granny likes,  was able to play with colour. Teddy chose this combination for her next dress!


And here is the throw, or snuggle blanket  …. finished (?). I crocheted a row of single crochet along the side edge in pale turquoise.


When a creative piece is not entirely a success I like to remember that “it is not wrong, it is just not finished”. A great quote – wish I could remember where I found it.

sumstarSo I will live with the Throw and enjoy it and probably try out another design for another cushion cover. And maybe make a second blanket that will harmonise in a more pleasing way. I do like it, but not LOVE it, so no big Ta Dah! on this one – work in progress.