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Joining in with Leanna Cole’s Monochrome Madness, Theme: COUNTRY


A stall selling eggs made out of an old school desk on the lane through Minterne Parva, Dorset, UK – now you wouldn’t find that in a town or city would you?

I had rested my walking stick on the wooden rail to buy half a dozen – and yes they did survive the rest of the walk in my rucksack.

The little sign says”Please put money in honesty tin. Thank You”. (To see the photo more clearly click on it.)

This stall is on a quiet country lane, leading only to a farm, I wonder how many eggs they sell and to whom?

Can you see the stall, just left of centre?


You can follow the rest of the walk here and here.





Those railing tops are going to be featuring in a doodle or mandala very soon.

Joining in with Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness theme: URBAN.

I’m such a country girl that this theme is a challenge for me, I do find it hard to want to seek out interesting subjects in an urban environment. But sitting as a passenger in the car whilst filling up with petrol I spied this tank and liked the shapes it made.


After much playing around in iPhoto, I arrived at this and then honed in on the railing tops.

Seeing the world in a different light – that’s what I love about these photographic challenges and themes.

Monochrome – Bridges

Each month Leanne Cole holds a themed Monochrome Gallery on her wonderfully instructive photography website. Her subject prompt this month is Bridges.

My entry is of the bridge I captured on my Walk to (and from) Stinsford Church.

bridge1Just a little footpath bridge, but I like the arches and reflections – a peaceful spot.

Monochrome Madness – K

Leanne Cole runs an open Monochrome event each week and each month she chooses a theme. This time her daughter Klara suggested knives. Leanne widened this out to anything beginning with ‘K’. Other suggested subjects for the letter ‘K’: kite, kitchen, kick, kiss, kitten ……… any others?

But I had already thought of these knives as I love the way the light catches the twisty handles.

Sunlight on bladeknives light

But which photograph should I submit? I think I like this second one best where the knives look suspended,

Suspendedknives suspended

On one of our girlie shopping trips before my daughter was married we spied this cutlery glinting in a shop window. We both love anything that sparkles, so I bought her a canteen of this design for her wedding present, and then bought a canteen for myself as well. (I miss those girlie days! We’ll have to wait till her children are older before we can revive them)

So – which photo do I choose…….

knives diagonal

Top and Tail
knives topntail

…..   I have looked at them too long …..

Odd one out
knives odd one out

……  and like saying the same word over and over again, when it begins to lose meaning and sounds daft, I can’t make my mind up.

Close up

HELP! Which one do you think I should enter into this month’s Monochrome Madness?

Here is a link to Leanne’s page with all the other fabulously creative entries.

Thanks to Rainbow Junkie for introducing me to this brilliant photography blog.

Monochrome Madness – Water

I was introduced to Leanne Cole Photography by Rainbowjunkiecorner.

Leanne hosts a Monochrome Madness collection of photos each week and then once a month chooses a theme – this month WATER. I had to have a go.

Little Miss M loves to play with water. I took absolutely loads of photos trying to capture a moment that pleased me and whittled it down to these four.

DSC_0686 Version 3 DSC_0590 DSC_0599It was hard to choose between the first two, but I went for the top one in the end as I think it is the better quality photograph – which do you like best?

Update: Click here to see Leanna Cole’s gallery of all the wonderful monochrome WATER photographs. So exciting to see mine amongst them.