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In a Vase on Monday

Self-seeded Calendula and aster with ripe and ripening pears.

It is a challenge to catch the pears at the the right time to pick them before the wasps get to them. A good crop this year.

Joining Cathy and her joyful meme: In a Vase on Monday

I am completely replanting the bed behind the espalier pear trees. Everything has been taken out because the ground elder and marestail had taken over.

Looking from North to South

I dug it over, took everything out, and dug it over once a week for 4 weeks in the hope of getting every bit of weed root out. I saved all the bulbs and have replanted them in a completely random fashion and planted new and old irises

Looking from South to North

A rogue sunflower which grew in the pot I had the tiny fuschia (Jollies Nantes)  in.

I have also scattered seed from Nigella, calendula, cerinthe, aquilegia, foxglove and purple loosestrife.

It will be fun to see how this looks in Spring.

The daughter of a friend of mine is just starting her garden and liked my scattergun way of creating a border, so I have collected seed for her to try it out.

I found this You Tube clip


made some little seed packets out of a Gudren Sjoden catalogue

I loved making these, I like the way they are in the shape of little flower pots.

Joining in with Cee’s Flower of the Day






origami cranes

wishes folded into wings

golden thoughts take flight


Joining in with Ronovan’s haiku challenge.

his prompt words this week are CRANE and GOLD.

serendipity as I discover that the crane is considered a sacred bird in Japan and wishes will be granted to those who fold one thousand origami cranes. I have taken a photo of an origami crane left at a shrine which I will add to this post on my return.

at the moment I can only post photos which I have taken on the iPad.

and it is my birthday today! What a happy day, off to see a Japanese garden and art museum here in Fukuoka before flying to Tokyo.

update: after posting the above, we visited a Japanese garden in Fukuoka and on entry we were given an origami crane for longevity! How magical is that! Can you see the crane in the picture?