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Pitch, Time and Middle


Hot pitch of revenge

Cooled by time’s sweet soothing balm

Indifference grows


Echoing through time

The heart defends the spirit

With her pitch perfect song


Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge Words: PITCH and TIME

Jamie’s Photo Challenge Word: MIDDLE There were so many photos I could have chosen for ‘Middle’, but none of them sold themselves strongly enough, I got the choice down to 2 and decided to wait for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge words to help me choose. The word PITCH did it!  and I thought of Bodiam Castle (visited last summer) in the MIDDLE of its moat, being defended with hot pitch being poured onto its attackers. A sense of a fortress as metaphor emerged and out of that, after many re-writings and shifts in emphasis, came the haiku…… …….. and a couple of other poems: A Micro Poem:

The Middle

The Centre

The Source


Strong fortress

Defended with the hot pitch of bitter revenge

Only time cools


These poems hark back to darker times – many many years ago and all over and done with now, I’m glad to say! I have enjoyed this blog as a positive zone, but Ronovan’s words sometimes push me into other areas of experience which I resisted at first, but creativity isn’t all about bright colours and beauty is it.

Balance and Flow.

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And some sister Haiku from Nato

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return to the source

the centre innermost thought

from where we expand


Haiku Challenge, this week’s prompt words: SOURCE and THOUGHT

Photo challenge, this week’s subject: SKY

Next Week’s photo prompt: LOVE

Other SKY photos: Jamie’s, golden glow; Cathy’s, oh that blue! Welcome aboard Cathy! ; Garry, with a cheeky little cloud; Melissa, atmospheric and heartfelt; Erika fishing for sunshine.

And one of my favourites in the Haiku Challenge: from Lemon Shark Reef.

And for my favourite line, go to Thotpurge, a wonderful line about ‘yarn’ – beautiful!