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Chaffinch Haiku

This Haiku journey is fantastic! The excitement of learning a new craft and discovering more and more – and thanks to a wonderful response from Maia to my last post, I am now trying to form the Haiku according to this part of her comment:

“I’ve found that working with another rule has drastically improved my haiku. Traditionally, the first and second lines are supposed to form a complete concept/idea/image/emotion, and the second and third, another. What makes the poem is how they work together. I think I got a piece of that idea in this one:

In the mid-day rain
Three goldfinches bicker
Over damp thistle”

Isn’t that beautiful!

The excitement I feel is the same thrill I get working out a new knitting or crochet pattern, or craft experiment – I feel fireworks of joy going off in my brain, in my synapses, in my toes, fingers and just everywhere! I just had to look ‘synapses’ up to see if I got that right and in the definition was this description:

“When all your synapses are firing, you’re focused and your mind feels electric.”


Anyway – here goes

Chaffinch 6

sunrise meets the oak                                                                                              branches in a soft pink glow                                                                                       frame for a chaffinch


nearly there?                                                                                                                  Thank you Maia!