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Where on Earth have I been



Inspired by Cathy’s post, thank you Cathy,  I have had a look back over the year to see where I have been.

I started 2017 in a treehouse in Wales with a visit to Mwnt beach on New Year’s Day.

In March I went to London and met a poet.

April took me Hinton Ampner,  a Blues Festival in the Caribbean and Petworth House.


In July I was back in Wales with my family.


We went to a Fairy Festival in August.

I did lots of walks in Dorset, including starting to walk 500 miles with Little Miss M.

We have totalled 10.5 since starting in September, I’m excited to see what we get up to in 2018.

A birthday weekend in November took me to London and the Tate Modern and Tate Britain

A good year! Thank you for being with me on my travels, it is fabulous fun to share adventures with my blogging buddies.