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In a Vase: White


Cathy, of Rambling in the Garden, has been inspired by Christina, of My Hesperides Garden  this week and is celebrating blogging friendship with a vase full of beautiful white flowers from her garden – which in turn has inspired my vase.

This little white jug has Tiarella Sky Rocket, a self seeded white lavender, saxifrage and erigeron.


The props are some crocheted daisies ready to adorn a blanket for Miss E. I started this way back in April last year, doing the many squares for the border has halted the process, but it is her birthday coming up and I really want to finish the blanket in time.

Here it is without a border


and here is the border in progress with daisies arranged by Miss E


40 squares and 12 daisies and so many ends to sew in!


I am also creating a pattern for the blanket so that if I ever did want to make one again (?!) I will have the instructions to hand. This will be available as a free pattern for anyone else who would like to give it a go.

White flowers are my favourite and despite the heavy rain this morning I managed to find some in the garden for another vase


In the vase on the left there is feverfew, DSCF9288astrantia, DSCF9283and a perennial white wallflower with a gorgeous scent, especially at dusk.

The vases are sitting amongst the pot plants: a white orchid,DSCF9286

Streptocarpus Rhiannon


and Streptocarpus Myfanwy


Do pop on over to see Cathy’s vase and all the others that come pouring in from all over the world always lifting a Monday with beauty.

Also joining in with Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Happy Monday!

Update: Some photos of the plant which I think is a perennial white wallflower

Am I right?


A Throw for Miss E

Seeing their Mum’s bedspread in progress, Miss E and Master R have both requested blankets for their beds. I like to have a portable project on the go, to pick up in odd moments, so I am happy to oblige. Miss E (aged 7) asked for turquoise, blue and yellow so I created this sample for her.DSC_0586 But she said she would like it to be paler, and seeing the very pale and purply pink yarns she added them in as well. These colours, which look very Spring-like to me … DSC_0588 She wants it to lie on top of her duvet and not to go over the sides of the bed as she is in a top bunk. She chose the ripples going lengthways. I have completed the main body of the throw and edged with a few rows of double crochet (US),DSC_0587 And am now making the border of daisies that Miss E says she would likeDSC_0590I do like doing lots of little squares all the same – very relaxing

The pattern used is a free one on Ravelry.DSC_0589 (1)Making them into an edging is another matter. I know I said I was never going to do a border of squares again!!!! But I think I have found a way to make it easier to work out how many to do to get a good fit – I’ll let you know! And Miss E did ask so sweetly, I just could not resist, what a push-over!

A Cushion for Big Sister

Big Sister chose the colours she wanted


Stylecraft Special DK: Bright Pink, Magenta, Lavender, Soft Peach, & Sunshine.

We found a cushion, no longer in use, to cover.IMG_0654


I got busy with the ripples.


To make a neat seam, I did a row of single crochet along each sidebig S6a bigs1

And then sewed up using mattress stitch, worked from the right side. bigS4

IMG_0660 IMG_0661

I was lucky to find some sweet heart-shaped buttons with flowers on them in just the right coloursIMG_0670 (1)

And Big Sister was delighted to have a new cushion for her bedroomBigS7 IMG_0675

Coming downstairs I noticed the shoes in the hall and couldn’t resist a photo … my son and his girls …. aaaah …
IMG_0638Linking in with Ginny’s Yarn Along where you can see over a 100 other fabulous yarn projects on the go.


Bedspread for Little Miss M

A finished project is something to celebrate!marlarugThis one started out as one of the throws I was making to go beneath my favourite painting, ‘Summer Flight’ by Carolyne KardiambI was trying to choose colour and design to compliment the picture and go over the back of the sofa beneath.  Not a good idea as it turns out –  all the ripple designs I tried seemed to fight with the picture – they were not happy together. mblnktBut experimenting was enjoyable and resulted in quite a few cushions and a couple of throws that have been put to good use elsewhere.

mwrapThis one is much loved by Smokey the kitten. It has now become a bedspread for Little Miss M.

It took some time to work out how to do the edging, but with crochet this is quick and easy.


Filling in the rippled ends took a bit of working out. I just sort of made it up as I went along, but I think it worked out well enough in the end.mb3Smokey and the girls think so anyway.emkt

Made with Stylecraft Special DK, 12 Colours:

White, Cream, Soft Peach, Fondant, Bright Pink, Magenta, Aspen, Turquoise, Teal, Aster, Bluebell and Lavender.

Ripple, Ripple, Ripple

My mind is awash with ripple combinations as I go through the design stage for my lovely new project.

The ripple pattern is so relaxing and satisfying to crochet – as I go up and down along the row I’m wondering what the elements of this pattern are that makes it so soothing.

I think it is the combination of sections of plain sailing and then a little bit of concentration, so the mind can wander for a while, but is interrupted before getting into troublesome thoughts.

And then there is the interest of seeing how one colour plays against the next; do they lie quietly together side by side snoozing; or do they zing together and bounce off each other in a jive rhythm; or glide along to a gentle waltz.

Lucy’s wonderful ripple bedspread – what a joy to behold! is worked in a 2, 4, 2, 2, 4, 2 repeat – I tried that out (the sample on the left)


But when I put that  against ‘Summer Flight’  the swirls of the painting and the crocheted ripples looked too frenzied together – not cosy and relaxing. Do you agree?

So I tried a 2, 8, 2,2,8,2 repeat (the sample on the right)

This did not seem quite right either

Next experiment was with a 2, 7, 2,2, 7,2 repeat with some wider bands of colour to keep the energy of the pattern calmer – I think I’m getting close to the effect I’m after.


Just look at those neon colours leaping about on a dull day. (I won’t be using this colour combination for the throw, this will be a cushion cover)

Next I thought I would try out the wider bands in the 2, 8, 2, 2, 8, 2 repeat, for another cushion cover.

Multiples of 22 + 3.          3 times 22 + 3 = 69



I think 0f Aztec or Guatemala when I see this colour combo.

Crumbs – I still want to try out another combo now – 2, 10, 2, 2, 10, 2 with the wide bands 3 rows wide rather than 4.

For this combination, x 3 is too big for a cushion cover, so I’m gonna go for it and make it throw size:

Multiples of 26 + 3.  6 times 26 + 3 = 159

So I will Ch 159 for the foundation row in the pale turquoise (aqua), exactly the same colour as the ‘frame’.

I will be on a train for nearly 3 hours tomorrow – perfect!!! I’ll be able to make a good start.

Buzzing with excitement!!!

And then I made another throw with the same ripple size in pinks and turquoise which you can see by clicking here.