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………Continuing to share our lovely bright Winter’s walk around the Bishop’s Palace, Wells, Somerset, England.

There is a smaller wings sculpture in the South Garden.

angel's wings

here, viewed from the rampartsWells, Somerset

from where one also gets this glorious view across the Somerset countryside


Peeping through the rampartspeep

you can see the moat below

swan in Wells, Somerset

There are some videos of the gardens and last year’s cignets here.

swan by moat

Like us, the swans were basking in the sun

whispering gallery, Wells

(Noelle and Alison in the Whispering Gallery)

swan in Wells

moat, Wells

And so was a cheeky little robin


sitting on his favourite posing post


All of us glorying in that clear blue skysky and the warmth the sun gave us

Noelle suggested this photo of me trying out the wings, it was such a fabulous day our spirits were certainly soaring

getting my wings

and I must show you Noelle’s marvellous hand-knitted hat and scarf/shawl, which looks like wings to mehandknit hat and scarf

more to come …..


Haiku Conversation

I sent my friend (S.M.) my ‘Robin Haiku’ by email. It was she who had told me about Basho’s Haiku. And she replied:

Robin in tree
Sings clearly to sun
Bramble clearing fun

I thanked her by email, and later ….                                                                       maybe in response to my Xmas 2014 poem, another popped into my inbox:

Happy New Year
Away from fear
of false Christmas cheer

We have discovered that Haikus can be a little bit addictive, and have had them going round in ours heads all day, here’s one of mine:

WINTER WALK                                                                                                       Walkers muffled up                                                                                                       Against the cold wind blowing                                                                                        Boots on, crunching ice

I’m sticking to the traditional 3 lines, in 5 syllable, 7 syllable, 5 syllable format as it feels like a satisfying puzzle to solve. Apparently, according to Auntie Internet, modern Haikus can stray outside that form – and now I’m wondering if they traditionally have titles … maybe not?

And later from S.M.

Off to bed
all fed
ouch – my head

She is obviously from the modern school of Haiku – “Ah so”!

My last one of the night:

BABYSITTING                                                                                                                 Kids at last in bed
Snug as bugs in rugs, tucked up
Kitten sleeps on lap


Robin Haiku

A friend read my Christmas Day post and told me about Basho’s Haikus

I looked, I liked, I responded!

ROBIN                                                                                                                               Robin in the tree                                                                                                                 Sings clear out to sun shining                                                                                   Whilst I clear brambles