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In a Vase on Monday

It’s Summer! No more fires, so I can cover the top of the woodburner with a few crazy objectsfunky art

From left to right

Back Row

Pink Watering Can

A few years back, after helping put together 3 weddings and numerous Christenings, it was about to be my 60th birthday – I was planning a big event for ME! The theme was to be English Country Garden, I bought tiny colourful plastic  flower pots in which I was going to serve chocolate mouse (earth) with pop cakes flowers in them, I bought a garden arch through which guests would enter the village hall, I intended to cover it with crocheted flowers, The drinks were going to be poured from brightly coloured watering cans …………..


Then my son and daughter-in-law annouced the impending arrival of twins – guess when they were due ON MY BIRTHDAY!

All plans for a big party were (happily) dropped – but I still have the watering cans!

And my children gave me a wonderful surprise birthday party in September on our family holiday. So all was very well!!!!

The can holds Jodie’s Forever Flowers and astrantia.

Orange Giraffe

I know you have seen the Giraffe before (from Chive), I hope you don’t mind her making another appearance. I’m very fond of her and her headgear today is a white perenial foxglove called Snowy Mountain.

I bought the seeds at Chelsea Flower Show.

I grew 6 for myself and gave some to friends – they were beautiful in the first year – last year, gorgeous I was thrilled with them. All but one has died, the one I have left is pathetic, it has this one flower spike. Oh dear!

Painting by Kaneda Hanaki

I saw this painting when I was in Japan. When I got home, I contacted the gallery to see if it was still available and it was! I love its quirkiness.

Front Row

Self-Hardening Clay objects:

Hedgehog with bead eyes: Made by Little Miss M

Pineapple 1 made by Little Bro

Pineapple 2 made by Bog Bro

Crocodile made by Miss E


Made by Devon ceramicist Ross Emerson



Joining the Garden Party at In a Vase on Monday.




In a Vase, Hot and Haiku

I am celebrating a return to the internet! I have only been without Wifi since Friday but is has felt much longer! So I am combining not two but 4 challenges/ memes in this one post by way of holding a blogland party and inviting you all round for a get together. So help yourself to a glass of something long and cool and have a good mingle.

First meet Jamie’s Photo Challenge  crew with HOT as the theme this week.


Then meet the wonderfully creative band of gardeners In a Vase on Monday, hosted by Cathy who has written such a beautifully poetic description of her vase this week. Click on the link to see many other arrangements each with a story to tell. Here’s my vase, a day late I know but I didn’t want to miss out!


Each person says a little about, not only the plants in the vase but also about the staging and bits and pieces to go with the arrangement. To add to the heat I crocheted a Mandala Wheel mat from Lucy’s tutorial at Attic24. This means I can join in with the Yarn Along at  Small Things as well! along with the Haikumily (Haiku family) below this makes a quartet of delights. Enjoy!


Red and orange ‘pebbles’ from a garden centre hold the stems in placeDSC_0627

and the quirky Ross Emerson candlestick I found in Beer


all sit on a gloriously regal purple velvet throw, cape, shawl my children gave me, which feels so luxurious to drape oneself in on a cool summers evening.DSC_0613

The vase now sits happily amongst the houseplants atop the wood burner, symbolising the flames of fires past.

The pot is filled with Kniphofia, or Red Hot Pokers, mare’s tail which is really a weed but a rather extraordinary plant which was around when dinosaurs walked the earth and I was pleased to discover does have Medicinal uses for Mare’s Tail and you can eat it. (Update: I tried to eat it! The taste was fine, quite bland, but it was too fibrous to chew. I will try again with the very new shoots next spring, but I’m not very hopeful!) And then some orange flowers, which may well be another weed – I’d be happy if anyone knows their name. (Update: the plant is called Orange Hawkweed)

And now let me introduce you to Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge posse, a wonderfully supportive band of poets and writers. Our prompt words this week: GAIN and HOUND.

Melissa and I always combine the Photo and Haiku Challenges. Melissa suggested it (great idea) and now I can’t imagine doing one without the other. Here’s mine:

Hounded by deep thoughts

Like red hot pokers burning

Through pain to gain peace

The two sentences work like this:

Hounded by deep thoughts, like red hot pokers burning

Like red hot pokers burning through pain to gain peace

17 syllables in a 5,7,5 format.

Pop over and see what others made of the words.

Hope it did not spoil the party mood, just couldn’t help where the words took me.

Other Photos in the Weekly Challenge: Jamie’s Hot and Hotter; Cathy’s, great minds think alike; Garry’s could also be in next week’s LETTERS.

Other Haiku: Alka has written not one but 4! and they all fit together, I’m in awe!

Happy Mingling!


Photo prompt next week: LETTERS. You are more than welcome to join us!