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One good thing

scented iris

Life has it’s ups and downs and I am going through a bit of a tricky patch right now. Nothing serious and nothing to do with Covid19, although the outside circumstances are not helping.

I am well, all my family are well and I have so much to be thankful and grateful for. So today I thought it might be good to share one particular thing that makes me feel very happy and brings calm to my day.

The irises in my garden are at their best and so sweetly scented. The scent reminds me of pear drops. When I have had a tricky phone call or spent far too much time trying to compose emails, I walk out into the garden and take some time to commune with the irises.

Is there something that is giving you particular pleasure today?

Tell me one good thing.

I would love to fill my mind with lots of good things my blogging buddies are up to today.