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WWAL Tate Modern and the park


This Wednesday Walk-along will have to be a bit of a quick dash as my days are a bit hectic at the moment. Last weekend I went on a trip to London to see my son and his family, I just had time for a wander along the South Bank to the Tate Modern …DSCF6627

and was excited to see an exhibition with ‘Poetry’ in the title.
DSCF6640 I couldn’t really get the Poetry side of it, but just had to take a picture of a fellow gallery goer with clothes to pick up the colours of the painting DSCF6647

and another chance view of a girl obligingly wearing clothes to match the scene by the riverDSCF6658

I waited a while outside Selfridges to catch a properly attired passer-by to go with this window display, but no one in pastels came along.

Selfridges window displays are like visiting an art gallery in themselves. Then I met my son after work and we travelled back to his home together.

On Saturday it was a walk in the park, to the playground and then feeding the ducksDSC_0235 DSC_0237So lovely to spend time with those delightful little ones – and my son of course!