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daylight blues transform

the magic of candlelight

making colours sing


Two photos needed today for the Bluedaisy Photo Challenge prompt: MAGIC.

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge prompt words: SING and DAY

Blues could apply to mood in this haiku, and then I think I might have captured the two opposing sentences.

For a real treat pop over to read Annette’s Haiku – just beautiful!


On the textile tour in Japan we went to a weaving workshop where they wove the most highly prized silk kimonos. The dyes used look as in the top photograph in daylight, but when the lamp was shone on them they turned into rich golds, and warm pinks, giving the kimonos a completely different look at night – now that’s magic!

Last week of Bluedaisyz Photo Challenge next week, prompt word:


And then 4 of us have worked together on a brand new list for 2016! That brings me a feeling of JOY right there! We have put together a cracking list of photo prompts – eeeek! Exciting!

It would be absolutely wonderful if you’d like to join in.