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DSC_0301polished by footsteps

of children walking in socksĀ 

every day shine


Week 10 of our One-a-Week Photo Challenge: FLOOR

Ronovan’s weekly Haiku Challenge prompts: KING and DAY

I went to stay with my son and his family in London recently and this is the floor in the hall of their 1950s house – I just love it.

It was such a beautiful sunny Spring day when I arrived at Waterloo so I wandered along the South Bank, one of my favourite walks, there are always fascinating things going on. The tide was high so no beach-combing on this trip. Walking past the Tate Modern towards Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre I came across a poet with a Magic Carpet of poetry



After looking through the titles on the envelopes I chose ‘Butterfly Rhapsody’, which he has in his hand.DSC_0239

He knew all his poems by heart and gave me a rendition of Butterfly Rhapsody – I was entranced – such energy and emotion, so I gave him a donation and have the poem, which I shall put in the textile book I am making for Little Miss M as she loves butterflies. Even though last year she asked her Mum if she could have a butterfly, her Mum asked her if she wanted it as a pet and she said “No, to eat it!”

Well we do put flowers on salads so when you are three ………..

I wish I could tell you the poet’s name but although he signed his work, I can only read his first name – Joseph. I also gave him a Love Rock. Here he is giving another poetic performance.DSC_0238

I wandered on over the Wobbly Bridge and west along the embankment which was bathed in sunshine. It must be a fabulous place to sit in the summer when the lavender bushes are in flower. The walk took me through Victoria Embankment Gardens where mimosa was in full bloomDSC_0242 (1)


and this delicately scented viburnum which was growing in a huge pot.


walking in sunshine

golden lights on a spring day

making my heart sing


The walk from the Wobbly Bridge to my son’s office took just over an hour and a half, giving me another walk to chalk up towards my 17 for 2017. Loved it!


Cathy and I have created the One-a-Week Photo list. To enter just leave a link in the comments, we’d love to see what FLOORs have fascinated you this week.


Edit: Kerry’s comment below prompted me to find this 1978 song – the day definitely had this as it’s theme tune:

and now I can link to Ritu’s Musical March Meme

Weekend in London

On Thursday I went to London, setting off from our little local station

DSCF4445A grey day turned into a glorious warm sunbathing sort of day – so I sat in Green Park on one of the painted deck chairs with a cappuccino and my packed lunch

DSCF4446view from the train to sun in the parkDSCF4447 DSCF4449 DSCF4450


DSCF4452 DSCF4453

love the leaf doodle logo for the Royal Parks

and enjoyed the sun and the holiday atmosphere before heading for the South Bank and a visit to Lauren Shanley’s new shop in the OXO tower

DSCF4455 DSCF4456

This sculpture has been yarn bombed beforeĀ but I’m thinking I just might take some Hat Wigs with me next time so they could model them for me

DSCF4457 DSCF4460

The London skyline was looking glorious – I love the mix of architecture.

And there were quite a few street performers near the Millennium Bridge




view from the bridge

DSCF4470 DSCF4472

And a guy was lying on the bridge creating what looked like enamel miniaturesĀ 


DSCF4458was everywhere I looked

And as I sat in a park waiting to meet my son I filled in a traffic survey and doodled on the envelope – hoping it would make someone’s job just a tiny bit less boring