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Look who came and sat in the oak tree at the bottom of my garden todaybuzzard I thought it was too small to be a buzzard, and luckily I had my camera by my side, so  I took masses of pictures (garn! I need to get a better zoom lens)Hawk flight

look at those wonderful wing markingshawk landhe/she landed on the edge of the field

hawklftand gave me some great shots to identify it as a buzzard. They look much bigger when soaring in the sky.

I like to look in ‘Medicine Cards’ by Jamie Sams and David Carson, when animals make a strong or unusual appearance:

“Hawk may be teaching you to grab an opportunity which is coming your way…or bringing you the message that you should circle over your life, and examine it from a higher perspective. ….. Hawk has a keen eye and a bold heart”

Always good to look at things from a higher perspective.

And as coincidence would have it, a friend shared this on FB today 158378_nnice synchronicity


Buzzard in oak tree                                                                                                   Surveys the scene with hawk eyes                                                                              Then swoops to the ground




godes.n.blandaWhite goddess stands tall                               In blue anemone flowers                              She basks in nature

sit.godessit.g.flosWhite goddess sits down     Amidst pink polyanthus         She glows in nature





Week 5 (gosh these weeks spin round so quickly!) of Bluedaisyz 52 week challenge. It’s so cool to see how each of us interprets the subject each week, I really look forward to the Monday posts. Click on the link and join in – it’s fun!

There are 6 of us in the weekly challenge, at the moment, it would be great if you would like to join us, there are no rules, just a new subject each week. Here’s our take on ‘White’ : Jamie, Melissa, Roz, Erika, Garry

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