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In a Jug on Monday

That is my son-in-law ploughing the field for the maize to go in – at last we have a stretch of good growing weather ahead of us.orange metal jug

Sweet Cicely and Red Campion, both from my garden, sit in an orange metal jug that has ‘Made in Yuogoslavia’ on its base. My Mum used to have a stall in Wimborne market buying and selling all sorts of bits and pieces – I think she probably bought more than she sold! But she used to find us all some wonderfully fun and quirky gifts – this jug was one of them.

I use Sweet Cicely stalks to sweeten rhubarb, I never use sugar nowadays, I might pop in a few raisins or dates to add a bit of sweetness too.

My epiphyllum is throwing its own party in my sitting room – it is GORGEOUS at the moment! I feel proud of myself to have managed to get it to flower so well!epiphyllumcactus flower

pink and orange

The pelargonium has been flowering for over a year now, and the marigolds sit in a Victorian glass ink pot, I found in a hedge in the 1970s.

marigolds in ink pot

Pop along to Cathy’s place for a flower feast in her In a Vase on Monday meme, where a happy band of gardeners from all over the world chat about all things horticultural.

Also joining Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Vase on Monday: Ornamental Apple



Just love the colours in this one: greens, golden yellows, grey-brown, deep crimson, greys, soft purple brown.

That soft purple brown is so often seen in nature, on grasses, stems, leaves, sepals, have a look when you are next out and about …. a Scottish friend and I named the colour MacUrpulie



Joining in with Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday and Cee’s Flower of the Day.


DSC_0600baby gabbling

locks love in deep as nectar

inside a flowerDSC_0606


Phew, it was touch and go whether I could combine the two challenges this week:

Photo Challenge: BLOOM

Haiku Challenge: GAB and LOCK

I have three A4 sides of paper covered with scribblings and scrubbing out, I went down some dark allies with those two words and could not seem to find my way back into the light and to linking them with BLOOM. I considered abandoning the Haiku challenge – but determination kicked in, it is a challenge after all, and at last I made it. Haiku traditionally take inspiration from nature so I think it works.


I hope it feels as if the Haiku is ‘locked‘ between the photos

This is the first year I have succulents flowering outside. They look like aliens from another planet, but the colours are gorgeous, with a soft ‘bloom‘ on them.


This week’s entries in the Photo Challenge: Erika, smell those lilies; Garry’s rose; Jamie‘s hot colours, beautiful light; Cathy’s Plan A and Plan B, which would you choose?; Melissa’s blue bells, but not bluebells.

It’s not too late to join in!

This photo was standing by as understudy, and rather than discard it I thought I would give it its moment and let it take a bow.

DSC_0604Gosh how I love that colour!


Next week it is time to get HOT for the Photo Challenge!