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Vase on Monday – Pink, White and Blue


In the empty Sparkling Saké (yum!) Bottle is schizostylis, still battling on against the storms and Tiarella Sky Rocket, which I think is supposed to flower in the Spring and has become very confused by our mild October.

Tiarella also in the little dish, which was given to me as a present in Japan. It is the custom to give exchange gifts as visitors depart. I bought the Tiarella from a stall at Winfrith Open Gardens to support the Butterfly Conservation in Dorset.

And joining it is some pink berries from what I think is a pink Symphoricarpos or Snowberry, but you might know better – anyway the bees absolutely go mad for it in late summer.

They sit on a sample of some tie-dye I did whilst I was – guess where! – hmmm –  hope you are not getting bored with references to Japan!

I had never had sparkling saké before – it is delicious and as easy to drink as lemonade, but at 16% proof one needs to be a bit careful.

It is a challenge to take a good photo today as it is soooooo dark here.

Joining in with Cathy’s In a Vase on Monday

Just in case you would like to know everything on Society6 is 20% off with free worldwide shipping at the moment. Here is a link to the Wild Daffodil Shop.



Attic24’s Crochet-Along, is a joy! I’m way behind, but still enjoying being part of this project. I’m in Week 4. It is taking me a while as this blanket is the project I have on the go for taking with me to do in odd quiet moments, when looking after grandchildren, waiting for an appointment, chatting with a friend, or watching TV. I like to have something on the go that is pure relaxation and that I can do without having to think too much – and I’m thoroughly enjoying this one.Cal4Photographing in dull Winter light is a challenge, so outside I went to have a go. Lucy from Attic24 based her colour palette on Autumn flowers, so today I went out in search of some brave little winter blooms (antirrhinum above) peeping through in my garden.Cal4pLucy’s colours are a gorgeous mix. I have substituted some of her choices, simply because I have SO much Stylecraft Special DK yarn already and did not want to buy more. (I’m already wondering if I will live long enough to be able to use all the yarn I have stored away!) So there is no ‘Camel’,’Gold’, ‘Copper’, ‘Grape’, ‘Violet’, ‘Pale Rose’  or ‘Claret’ in mine. Instead, I have substituted ‘Saffron’, ‘Spice’, ‘Bluebell’, ‘Wisteria’, Clematis’, and ‘BrightPink’. My mix looks a little brighter and less Autumnal, but I’m still really pleased with its coziness!cal4berry

The ‘Magenta’ chimes well with the berries on the, Symphoricarpos, (I think), also known as ‘Mother of Pearl’ or ‘Snowberry’ which you can read more about here. The shrub looks fairly ordinary for most of the year and then the honey bees go absolutely MAD for it in late summer, when it hums for weeks as they cluster round the almost invisible tiny flowers.cal4vincaThere are just a few periwinkles around

cal4grI suppose I must be about half-way and Little Miss M is determined to help me alongCal4mAt 2 she is convinced that she is able to crochet and held the end of the hook as I crocheted slowly for a while and then demanded, “I do it myself!”. She sat there happily pushing the hook in and out for about 5 minutes before it became the perfect blanket for a game of ‘peepo’.

Added 12.Jan.15: I have just seen an African Flower square used as an edging for this blanket on Ravelry. This might be just the edging I need to turn it into a double bedspread. I like the reference to flowers, since flowers were the inspiration for the colour combo.                                                                                This is a free pattern on Barbara’s Blog, set out with helpful photos.

Further progress: Cal5, Cal5 decisions and choices, Cal6