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Bad Ads

My ‘READ’ post (2.March.2015) was followed up with a conversation with my sister about her advertising days, and going through these 60’s and 70’s ‘Housewife’, ‘She’ and ‘Woman’ magazines we poured over these terrible ads!

DSC_0002 so wrong in so many ways!DSC_0013The magazine above was printed in 1967 – I was 15. It explains so much about my Mum and Dad’s relationship. It is this hideous culture of sexism and LOOK!!! – racism – that we grew up in. DSC_0034

How insulting to a culture that keeps the female form covered and then below an array of some swarthy white men in fancy dress – it is SO extraordinarily BAD!!!!!!DSC_0031 DSC_0032And this is not that long ago!DSC_0015 we are talking 60s and 70s when I was a teenagerDSC_0009 Annabel can’t even be there in her own right – she has to be GEORGE’s sister!!!DSC_0009 - Version 2

Oh I do so hope young women in the West appreciate what my generation fought for. Sadly these attitudes linger on.
DSC_0011 DSC_0012

I laugh at them now, but squirm to think that this is the world I grew up in – we have come a long way – haven’t we????!!!!!! Do the current generation of 30 somethings realise what we have been fighting for?

And don’t get me started on the ‘Mad Men’ series, I can’t watch it. A friend of mine loves it because she worked in that world and says it is so true (my sister says it rings true for her as well) – after watching the first episode I forced myself to watch it the next couple on this recommendation – but no more!


Phew! Rant over!!!


This week’s subject, READ for Bluedaisyz 52 week photo challenge ,has made me think about the power of the written word ……

Crossing space: There is a scene in the film ‘The Mission’ when a native Colombian whispers something to one of the main characters, who writes this down and takes it to another who reads it out. The native is amazed. That scene has stayed with me as a wonderfully simple demonstration of the power of being able to read. (I searched on You Tube for the clip but could not find it – if you have a link to it please let me know).

Crossing time: I went to collect a whole load of 60s and 70s magazines offered on Freecycle. I thought I might find some vintage knitting patterns or good collage material. My sister used to work in advertising in the 70s and 80s, so when she came to stay I left a pile of these ‘vintage’ mags for her to look through.mags She devoured them!!! And was delighted to come across an article written by an friend of hers, Disc Jockey, Paul Burnett – anyone remember him on Radio 1? pb Click this link to see an interview with Paul Burnett in 2009, and then here he is  back in the day. My sister met Paul through her first husband, Golly, who was in the pop music world. They married in, June 1983, and the wedding made the front page of our local paper as so many Radio 1 celebrities were invited down to sleepy old Dorset.. DSC_0271Many of them, including Paul B (second from the left in the Echo photo, next to Peter Powell) stayed in my house over the weekend. Tony Prince (2nd from the right) took my boys for a walk on Weymouth beach. And behind Sue there is DLT and Mike READ, with Kid Jensen on the right and Golly, Sue’s husband, peeping over her shoulder.DSC_0272 Doesn’t she look beautiful!

Sue and I spent a wonderful hour or so chatting over her wedding weekend and going through all the old ‘She’ magazines to find ones with Paul’s column in them. Sue was then able to take them and give them to him – apparently he was delighted! I love the way these magical little synchronisities work out! So… which is my picture for the photo challenge – it will have to be the photo of Paul Burnett’s column above.

And for the haiku (which is not part of the 52 weeks of photos challenge, but Melissa of The Aran Artisan and I are in cahoots about creating a haiku each week to go with the photo – however Melissa takes this challenge even further – she’s amazing! go take a look at how she manages to incorporate yet another challenge in her weekly post ) ……

Crossing time and space                                                                                            Words bring us together, once                                                                                   Again we connect

Time for a little review of this great challenge – each week there is a one word subject for a photo.

The whole 52 weeks are already laid out for us – I love this as I can plan ahead and start thinking about each subject way in advance. I like to have a creative project running as a seam through my everyday stuff, and this is nice and gentle and makes me look at things in new and sometimes surprising ways.

Week 1: New   Week 2: Cold    Week3: Light   Week4: Small    Week 5: White   Week 6: Smooth   Week 7: Blue     Week 8: Create   Week 9: Read

And next week the subject is: ‘Think’  – biggest challenge yet – nothing is springing to mind right now Then Shape and then  Crisp Please do join us, it is more fun than I ever thought!

And you will be very welcome!

And if you are looking for something to READ this book ‘When God was a Rabbit’ comes highly recommended by Sarah at So Here’s The Thing

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Hey – there’s a lot to READ in this week’s post – hmmm, funny that!!