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A Week of Flowers: planting combo

Again from West Dean in July, I love this planting combination

And I am on the look out for one of these

what a colour.

Joining Cathy for her Week of Flowers – what a joy it has been.

A Week of flowers: Silly Saturday

I bought these sandals in May and they really cheer me up to look at them now.

They are fun and very silly because they are not easy to walk in!

Brightening up Winter with Cathy and her Week of Flowers.

Week of Flowers: Friday Flourish

Here are some photos of the greenhouses at West Dean College, taken in July.

Joning Cathy for her Week of Flowers to brighten up the Winter.

Week of flowers 2022: Day Two

Cathy of Words and Herbs has invited us to ‘brighten up December’.

So here is a bit of sunshine in the form of a courgette flower, growing in my garden in June.

I am surprised by how much joy it brings to go through the photos of my garden in Summer – thank you Cathy. 🙂