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mill stream standing still

loss of grain now peace the gain

inspiration flows


Ronovan hosts the Haiku Challenge: Prompt words INSPIRE and LOSS

Such a beautiful tribute from Edwina this week.


Jamie hosts the Photo Challenge: Prompt word GREEN

See Cathy’s ‘Green’, she has asked for a bit of help here; Jamie has delved into her archives, that’s what I like about this challenge, anything goes! Erika has grown some whoppers; Melissa has created magic with her Haiku, weaving in three aspects in a few short words and some wonderful ‘Green’ photos from the Emerald Isle; Garry’s Green.


I took the photo on Saturday, which was the most delicious day spent with my dear friends H ❤  and S ❤ , going round the amazingly varied and perfect Open Gardens in the lil ol’ village of Netherbury, West Dorset. This village is just like stepping into a period drama film set, and it was really showing off in the sunshine of Saturday. I do hope my photos do it justice – I will take you on a wander around the gardens tomorrow. The photo above is just a little taster – it is the old mill stream, with a glimpse of the old mill at the back, peeping through the trees. In use until the early 1950s the Mill has now been made into apartments – what a stunningly peaceful place to live, with over 6 acres of magnificent gardens.

Update 14.June.15: Ronovan’s Review:”Sandra of Wild Daffodil: Green. I like the image used and how she once again linked the two challenges together. An interesting source of ‘inspiration’ in this one in the words of the Haiku. I thought I would give one more little shout out to another growing community Sandra is a part of and one in which you can actually combine with the Haiku Challenge. It’s run through Blue Daisyz and it’s 52 Weeks of Photos. The great thing about this one is there is already a list of all 52 of the challenges at that link provided in blue. No, not the word Blue but the color blue. 🙂 I had to do that. Also our own Aran Island Girl is part of the photo challenge as well. I would say you could kill two challenges with one post but I don’t think that comes out quite right.”

Isn’t it great he gave us a shout out!!!

You can see all the reviews with links to the Haiku (over 40!) by clicking here.



Bluedaisyz weekly photo challenge: As soon as I saw the subject GOLD come up, I knew I wanted to take a photo of my Welsh gold ring.

This is the ring I bought for myself in the shop near St.David’s Cathedral in Wales. I was divorced in 1987 and until 2007 very rarely wore a ring on the third finger of my left hand. Then I became a Granny, a status I am so very proud to have. It didn’t feel right somehow not to have a symbol of this wonderful new stage of my life, so I bought myself this celtic design in Welsh Gold. My mother is Welsh, and I am very proud of my Welsh ancestry

So this week’s challenge is a celebration of my Granny ring.

How to photograph it? Hmmmm????

I was just about to put this rusty old can in the recycling when the sunlight caught it and it shone like GOLD ………… ping ………an idea.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I like the combination of precious gold and a golden rusty can and got quite carried away with the photo shoot.

Other entries: Jamie, fascinating, and something I did not know about before; Erika , such a beautiful smile!; Garry, great minds, again Garry!; Roz, and we get a song as well!

And then to combine this with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge: the words this week are ILL and REST. Get well soon Ronovan!

Celtic gold design

A Grandmother’s status ring

Gives rest, wards off ills


Ronovan writes a weekly review of all the Haikus, it is fun to read through them, here is what he wrote for this one:  Sandra of Wild Daffodil: Time to get wild with Sandra. I’m already talking crazy and not even halfway finished? Yep, trouble ahead. Gold Granny. No, not exactly her title, but I’m going with it. I loved the story behind the Haiku and the images, especially the smaller one.

You can see his other reviews here.