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A Vase on Monday – Loosestrife, Burdock and Marigold





Joining in with Cathy’s Vase on Monday, here is a celebration of self-sown purple loosestrife and marigolds with a purple blue and pink lace-cap hydrangea, sitting on a stretch of crochet that is waiting, oh so patiently, to be sewn into a cushion cover.

with some added self-sown burdock
v5the burdock is the tall, large-leaved plant in the centre of the picture below, just after I pruned off its spreading side branches


I do not yet know what to do with a large gravel area at the front of my house and have allowed things to self-seed and added a few pots. It has been a wonderous mass of plants and teems with life. The burdock has been a top bug hotel hosting zillions of blackfly, ladybirds, ants, tincy spiders, shield beetles and probably hundreds of others I haven’t spotted.

I have been fascinated watching it through the seasons


DSC_0660 DSC_0661 DSC_0663


Joining in with Cee’s ‘Flower of the day’.

And playing around with a new ‘effect’ I found on my camera ……

I see more Doodle shapes – I can see I’m going to have fun with that camera setting.


The corner to corner crochet  as it will look as a cushion to sit next to the Society6 cushions, which are made from photographs of my machine embroidery printed onto fabric.

A Vase on Monday – Hearts and Flowers

1 1a Heart-shaped petals of red campions 1band shiny buttercups, weeded from the garden, put in a vase found in a charity shop for 50p. flowers Pink and orange is my favourite colour combination and often crops up in creative projects WD1         12035656_12084850-rg23_bAfter all I am a child of 60’s psychedelia.3     The vase sits on a rag-rug red heart in front of a quirky cupboard bought from a local craft show. The heart theme continues with the ‘Trail of Hearts’ pot plant, grown from a cutting given to me by my dear friend, Helen.

In a Vase on Monday’ hosted by Cathy.