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Woodland Crafts

wood1On Sunday, A was feeling better but still a little fragile, so I went along with her and her 3 littlies to a delightful Woodland Craft gathering in our village. It was beautifully set up with all sorts of things for the children to make and do, like decorating little logs as FC and wrapping jingle-bell sticks …

wood2… cutting lengths of willow to wire together into a star. Proudly shown here by Master R in his Woodland Hoodie, (A free crochet pattern on my Wild Daffodil Ravelry site) which he is able to wear for a second year.



He particularly likes the hood.


And LOVED being able to use real tools.

Miss E and Master R made reindeers








And Little Miss M made clay decorations

wood5And they were all able to have a tumble and clamber on the salvaged cargo nets hanging in the trees.


A picnic lunch followed by music and singing round the fire rounded off a perfect day.