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Stylecraft Sunday

Today is the day for the Sweet Pea Crochet Along Gathering in West Bay. I’m looking forward to meeting up with fellow Attic24 fans SO much!

I asked Stylecraft Yarns if they would be kind enough to send a raffle prize and I was amazed and delighted when they said they would send some goody bags, look at all these goodies they sent!


My goodness, I was hopping up and down with glee when I opened the box – I’m most excited about the shade cards, I have been wanting one for ages, but the  Batik Elements yarn is gorgeous

Stylecraft Yarn

I’m not affiliated with Stylecraft or Wool Warehouse, but I do love to give a shout out about good products, great service and fabulous generosity!

These are my favourite colours: Gallium, Bismuth and Titanium.

The pink flowers are the Stylecraft emblem as key rings.batik elements yarn

The magazine has some great patterns in it – my daughter-in-law would love that stag’s head. I might try to make that for her (but have a couple of blankets to finish first – stay focussed!)

So each person coming to Sladers Yard in West Bay today will get 10 items – yes TEN courtesy of Stylecraft.

stylecraft goody bag

I’m so excited!

Thank you so much  Stylecraft!

Silly Saturday Beach Babies

crochet Silly Saturday

crochet blanket

Joining Cee in her Odd Ball Challenge




found on KeKe’s  Off the Hook blog