I nearly always have a Throw on the go. I like to have a project which requires little shaping or thought of pattern changes to pick up at any odd moment. If you click on the titles you will see a blog post about each one, which gives some information on how I made them. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

Playing around with colour combinations is what I love best.

ripple fest

For the details of the following throws click on the title links which will take you to a blog post about them:

Mandala Madness with Spiro Star Centre in Opal Colours

Spiro star centre for Mandala Madness


Scrap Happy Throw.

Scrap Happy Throw with Edge

crochet scraps blanket

scrappy throw


Lost Victorian Snowdrop Garden.         Ta Dah!



Karoo Vintage Mystery Crochet Along

(Karoo beginnings)Karoo Vintage Crochet Along by Jen Tyler


Rosslyn and.   Rosslyn with Burtterflies.

lap blanket

Rosslyn by Helen Shrimpton

the same but different, crochet blankets


Cosmic Cal with Scalloped Edging

crochet bedspread

Cosmic Cal 

The above link takes you to the post where I describe how I mixed up the colours of the Whirls: Parts 1 and 2

cosmic cal

Parts 3 and 4


Jurassic Blanket

coastal colours, linen stitch


Attic24 Woodland Crochet Along 2018

Attic24 Woodland Cal, random colour order

Squirrel Nutkin Ta Dah!




The Mandala is finished! Detailed colour order in this post.Mandala Madness, pattern by Helen Shrimpton

Mandala Madness for Little Miss M in progress.

Spiro star centre to Mandala Madness


A Blanket for a Wizard  finished at last!

crochet blanket for a boy

Nuts About Squares

A Bedspread for Master R

work in progress DSC_0323Nuts About Squares, variation of Esme's Winter cottage


The Ta Dah photos of the Dorset Summer Hedgerow Blanket


Summer Hedgerow work in progress






Portland Ripple portlandripple





click here for the colours in order.


Bedspread for Little Miss M




Daughter’s Double (Cosy Stripe with Flower border in progress)

Ta Dah moment! cats



Miss E’s Bed CoverDSC_0587DSC_0581

Edgy Decisions

Nearly finished


The pattern for the Daisies is a free pattern on Ravelry.




Blanket for a Mermaid DSC_0617



21 responses to “Throws

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  3. Wow – there are some major achievements here. Love your colour play too.

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  5. oh wow! I love them all!! x

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  7. These are just so beautiful Daffy. I wish I could crochet but I just can’t get the hang of it! 🙂

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  10. Wow, I love all of these! 🙂

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