February 2015

by Melissa and Sandra

On rare occasions

I imbibe much and suffer

Harsh headaches always


Away on a weekend break

White wine for me, no headache


Sulphite free that wine

Must be, grapes sent from heaven

To you in Devon


Walking on air along cliffs

Clear head and cobalt sea drifts


Fresh air is the best

Remedy for my sore head

Sleep? No! Walk instead


We walk together but apart

Blogland sharing turns to art


January 2015

While in the garden
His feet became quite sodden
From the sideways rain

It is sunny here today

No wet feet, i’m glad to say

Just beneath the soil
Seeds burst towards the warm sky
Cotyledons form

Those first leaves bravely pushing
Upwards ready for the Spring

Flowers sleep but still
Getting strength beyond compare
From moon’s mighty pull

Snowdrops planted a year ago

Eager now for them to show

by Melissa and Sandra


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