“Permaculture is a way of life, not just a way of Gardening”      

Sandra Dorey circa 2000

I met with Permaculture in about 1990 and it radically changed my life. I have lived by Permaculture Principles ever since. Each time I look up what they are given to be they are slightly different, not set in stone – that;’s how it should be – these are mine:

1. Earth care, people care, fair share.

2. Live simply so that others might simply live.

3. Make each thing you do as energy efficient as possible: minimum input for maximum output.

4. Make each task or item as multi-functional as possible.

5. Think in zones and start with Zone 000 (your inner and/or spiritual well-being) – more about Zones on the ZONE PAGE.

6. The problem is the solution (example)

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11 responses to “Permaculture

  1. How have I not seen this before? 😀
    p.s. you have a link above to Serins but her blog is closed 😦 fyi Xx

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  2. I’m going to look into premaculture to see if any principles can be applied to our plot this year. Hoping there’s lots I can take from it!

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    • I kinda envy you – you are about to embark on a fabulous journey of discovery – I found Permaculture to be life changing and life enhancing. There is a Permaculture Magazine you can get, but if you can find a local group or class see if you can go – exciting times!

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      • I may contact the local permaculture centre to see if they can offer some advice, they are only a few miles away. Even if I just learn something that we can apply to our plot (I don’t think hubby will go for it totally, but we are looking at ways to do it better.)

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        • Great idea. Zones are one of the most important things to think about. Zone One is just outside your door, where you pass every day, the place to put a pot of salad leaves and other things that need constant tending.
          I have added Zone 0, inside your house eg kitchen windowsills if you are thinking of growing things to eat.
          (Zone 00 is your physical body, make sure you take care of yourself first and foremost!)
          Watch how you travel around your plot – make it easy and direct and follow your own natural flow, making sure there is easy access for wheelbarrows etc.
          That’s just a few things to be thinking about – Permaculture is all about good design – it takes time at the start but pays dividends.
          Hope that’s helpful.

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