17 for 17: January

My targets for the year:

17 – walks longer than an hour

3 Done (14 to go)

Walks in Wales

  1. 2nd. Jan nearly 90 minute walk on Newgale Beach
  2. 3rd.Jan coast path from Nine Wells to Trelerw and back.dscf0212
  3. 4th.Jan Newgale in drizzle, back to Number35 for delicious Apple Crumble and cream and a pot of good strong Welsh tea.

16 – handmade greetings cards.


I’m a bit taken aback by this but I have already reached my target! It took me all year in 2016 to make 15 handmade cards, but I suddenly got the urge to make Valentine’s cards for my grandchildren and churned out a few more at the same time. 18 Never-Ending Cards and one (top left) made with a photo of some Love Rocks printed on A4 card and folded once.


15 – beachy things (split into 3 x 5s – 5 pieces of beach related art, 5 beach cleans on new beaches, 5 beach clean sculptures, assemblages or mandalas)

14 – items for my Etsy shop

13 – drawers, cupboards, shelves or boxes sorted out.

1 shelf (12 to go)

from this dsc_0349

to thisdsc_0350

I found 4 pots of Wood Glue – so that’s where I keep it.

The rest of the cupboard needs doing now


goodness knows what lurks in that repurposed veg rack

12 – WIPs finished

11 – paintings/ art works   Working towards an exhibition in May/June 2018

10 – house and garden tasks (split into 5x 2s – make two quiches, paint two chairs, complete two house projects, complete two garden projects, raise two pumpkin plants)

9 – textile books worked on.

8 – hand written letters to grandchildren

7 – find 7 interesting objects

I have already found masses of objects which interest me on my beach cleans, every item has a human story behind it, but it’s hard to choose ones that I think might be of more general interest ….dsc_0001

Does this qualify?


a rusted aerosol with the outer casing having completely gone, apart from the top. I have taken loads of photos of the colours and textures of this object. There are a couple more in this post on my Beach Clean Art blog.

I might count this as Number One find, haven’t decided yet.

6 – items made for Pippin or improvements to Pippin.

Pippin is the old caravan that sits in the garden. I got her when I was having renovations done on my house and now she is a perfect spot to store lego and be a lovely little haven or playhouse – I do have a fondness for caravans.

Her interior is very drab, I’m hoping to cheer things up a bit with patchwork and crochet cushions and curtains.

5  – random acts of kindness

4 – new National Trust properties visited

3 – make three up-cycled items of clothing 

2 – meet two fellow bloggers

Meeting fellow bloggers is great fun! In 2015/6 I had the very real pleasure of  meeting Mrs Snail, Judy of Edwina’s Episodes, Deb of Country Ways and Cottage Days and Sheila of Sewchet.

Who will it be this year? Exciting!

1 – car boot sale

0 – Buy zero new clothes


There are ELEVEN others joining in with the 17 for 2017 list of targets that I know of:

Mrs Snail,  Nanacathy,  Gillyflower,  Murtagh’s Meadow.,  Ouch My Back hurts,  Ruth’s Arc,  Cherie Langlois,  Erin’s Big World,  A LifeLessSimple,  TheWillowWitch, OntoMyNext40Years

Let me know if you are too and I’ll add you to the list. It will be fun to see how everyone gets on.

Cathy of Nanacathy and I tend to give an update each month but is is entirely up to each person to post or not as they wish – the joy of this is that each 17er makes up the rules for themselves as they go – so come on in and join us – it’s never too late!


34 responses to “17 for 17: January

  1. I always enjoy reading about your progess and your projects, Sandra

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  2. Four pots of wood glue now I can relate to that Sandra. Never can find it when you need it

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  3. Well done Daffy for completing the cards challenge already. Your grandchildren are lucky to have such an original and creative grandmother,
    I love the way you have sorted your beach treasures into colours. I think there is much you can do with them that will appeal to everyone 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Talk about getting off to a running start!
    You really ought to frame, make a card or postcard, print on fabric, etcetera, that beach clean rainbow photo. I LOVE IT!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beach clean rainbows here I come! Thank you Melissa, I’ve made a few rainbows from different beaches – I’ll think more seriously about to present them. Your enthusiasm is inspiring! 😀 xx


  5. Laurie Graves

    Yes, busy, busy. And, those cards! Love ’em.

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  6. I’m just fascinated by the beach finds and the way you have turned the trash into a pretty rainbow! You’ve made a great start to your year.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Those cards – wow! A goal reached so early in the year is a great motivator. A shelf tidy is just so satisfying, isn’t it? I love the way you’ve arranged your beach finds in colour order!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have to admit to feeling very pleased to have done so many cards – now they await little additions of washi-tape etc to personalise them for each recipient as the occasion arrives.
      There is something so satisfying about arranging the beach finds – I always wash them and lay them out on a towel to dry so it’s easy to sort as I go.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Goodness me, your card goal ticked off already. Brilliant. Love your rusty finds. Just heard of a whale that died because of the plastic bags it had ingested that blocked it’s insides. Love the sound of your caravan, what fun to transform it. Have a good weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is tragic! We (humans) really MUST do something to stop the willy nilly creation of plastics with no thought of their ‘end-of-life-plan’. Doing beach cleans is making me more aware of just how much plastic I discover in my weekly shopping and what on earth to do with it – I recycle what I can ,but it is hidden in all sorts of things that can’t be recycled.
      Thank you for your good wishes for the w/e. I have 2 of my lively grandchildren here tomorrow and then a crafty day in front of the fire planned for Sunday. Just about purrrrrrrrr-fect. I’m sure you have some lovely things planned as well. ❤


  9. Well done! You are off to a flying start! Last evening I made a short list of around 25 suggestions for my go at this, so will finish up today and hopefully post over the weekend.
    It was great fun to meet up with you. I will never forget my first sight of you, sitting at the table at the TIC cafe, head down, crocheting away like billio! Hands always busy! I now have help in place, so hopefully next time you are in the area we can meet again. I was sad not to be able to meet in Dec/Jan.

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  10. What a great start to your challenge. I’m off to investigate your never-ending cards. They sound cool.

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  11. I’d love to see you again this year… perhaps sometime when you are in Wales we could arrange something?
    I’m gobsmacked by the abundance of cards… I wonder how many more you will make this year. I really should get back to doing this – I used to make all our own greetings cards and have loads of supplies but stopped being inspired and gave up. I will seek inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It would be so good to meet up again! That wonderful sunny day in the pink! I’m back in Solva in July, but as I will be with my daughter and her family, I probably won’t have time to venture north. I will CERTAINLY return to the treehouse at some point though – such bliss! I’ll keep you posted.
      Once you have a look through your card-making supplies the inspiration is sure to return – Never-Ending cards always fascinate and impress the recipients – might you have a go at those?


  12. What a fun list and impressive how much you’ve achieved already 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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