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Nothing between me and the Sea #2

Nothing bmtsea

Joining in with Scrap Happy June, hosted by Kate at Tall Tales From Chiconia

Still a work in progress: more beads have been added and some shells were first glued with PVA and then sewn on.

I’ve placed the seahorse there for the photo – I think that is where it will go, but it is not sewn on yet. I am so enjoying having the time to immerse myself in stitching. I drift off into another dimension and an hour or more goes by without me noticing – bliss.

This will be my second “Nothing between me and the Sea” piece.

You can read about the first one here.dsc_0079-1

The pattern for the crocheted seahorse can be found here.

Happy Scrapping!

Love-in-the-Mist of time


Joining Cathy with the wonderful In a Vase on Monday meme.

Love-in-the-mist, Gardeners Garters and (learn to love your weeds) ground elder flowers.

They are cosying-up in an old glass bottle that I found in the hedge of the farm cottage I lived in many years ago. Some of the materials in this piece of collage/embroidery are from that house and that time – the 1970s. Happy memories.

This is how the piece looks now with some Swarovski crystals added and some more stitching.DSC_0152

I’ve combined a little crochet to add to the texture


I’m just a tincey bit excited about adding crochet to embroidery and fabric collage – no that’s not true – I’m leaping about and squealing with excitement – can’t wait to see where this takes me.


Thankfully, life is returning to somewhere near normal, a health scare in the family caused us all some anxiety for a while and daily rhythms went a bit haywire, but happily we are through to the other side and good health and well-being has returned. Sorry to be mysterious but as it was not my own health issue, I don’t feel I can say more.

I have just spent a wonderful few days recharging my own batteries with creativity – that’s what works for me. Sleep doesn’t do it, but sewing, painting, crochet and being in my own creative space, exploring all manner of delicious possibilities does it every time. I’ve even started dreaming in stitches and colour combinations again!

I feel like I’ve hit a Vein of Gold, long may it last.

Textile Art



A work in progress…….DSC_0131-3


Needing a rest from crochet for a while, I have returned to some of the textile pieces I started back in Dec/Jan when I was staying in the treehouse near Solva.

I might add beads, shells and maybe a crocheted seahorse …… I’m in the exciting phase of experimentation and exploring a multitude of possibilities………



Pastel Pineapples

with hearts

A very dear friend of mine has a birthday this week.

She’s going through a tough time.

It will be no surprise to you that pineapples will feature in her present.

I’m hoping they will be a nice surprise for her.

Pineapple Bunting

Version 3

These perky little pineapples make me smile.

Made with 4ply cotton and a 3mm hook using this pattern.

I made the leaves in varying lengths and added a picot point to each leaf.

More Pineapples


Yesterday, I mowed the lawn, I sorted out the compost, I did a little weeding and when the rain came and I could have been catching up with the many and various household tasks that have been neglected for far too long ……. I made pineapples …….. hey ho!



Mrs. Snail wrote a post in response to the tragic event in Manchester this week, she always has such wise words to say, calling us to perform some random acts of kindness this Saturday whilst she is in Manchester.

Then I saw this page on Facebook – #AHEART4MCR

The hearts above are made from the pattern Mrs Snail shared and wrapped today to send to Beth Clarke in Stockport for her Heart Drop on Monday 5th June.

I did alter the pattern slightly, using a magic ring in the centre and just two chains in each corner (but maybe the bottom point could have three).

Beth has said that all hearts she receives from all over the world will be collected for another Heart Drop at some point in the future, so after I have made some for Nanacathy’s Wedding Bunting I will send some more.

Teeny tiny random acts of crafty kindness creating a network of love across the globe – there’s a lot of it about!

Sending love and hearty hugs to all of you.


If you wish to send Beth some Hearts she is happy to receive sewn ones, knitted ones wooden ones ……etc etc

Beth Clarke
Ruby Blue Boutique
42 Market Street