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Silly Seaweedy Saturday


This little chap was made by my son-in-law.

I have recently returned for a week’s holiday in Solva, with my daughter A, M and their 3 children.

Wales is always wet and windy, but we did have a glorious time with masses of sunshine, days on the beach building sand dragons and rock-pooling, wild walks, meeting up with family and friends, and relaxing in the evenings with a glass of wine – and seaweed.DSC_0512 (1)

A Wild Food Foraging walk with Julia of Wild About Pembrokeshire, gave us the information that all seaweed in the UK is edible, so long as it is still growing on the rocks. So I gathered some, washed it and marinated it in SoySauce, piri piri, black pepper and lime juice, garnished with edible honeysuckle florets.

The seaweed was crunchy and delicious to nibble with a glass of Pinot Grigio or a tasty Malbec. Go on try some!



Geocache in Dorset, UK

This photo is of the first (and only) Geocache we found. I find the idea of Geocaching exciting and so do the grandchildren. I need an iPhone to do it – but – I am taking a veeeerrrrrryyyyyy long time to get one – so many decisions to make. I’m not good at decisions.

However I’m glad to have at least one find to fulfil this week’s Photo Challenge  on Lewesdon Hill in Dorset, with the help of my daughter’s phone. We left a Love Rock in it and added our names and date we found it.



My whole house is my studio

Every room a cache

The dining room – full of beach clean finds

The bedroom – yarny stash


My kitchen has experiments

From mould growth to tea bags drying

The spare room houses WIPs and HOTHs

And other things I trying


Obsessions and excitement

Fills every single day

The internet is full of stuff

With which I want to play


Try out this, try out that

and sometimes get things done

But mostly I’m deep in happy-land

Being messy – having fun

The inspiration for this little ditty came when my friend sent me a poem by Dr John Cooper Clarke (see below) as she said it reminded her of me, it prompted me to write the one above


Out of bed into the Shed
To paint the wooden roses red
To ride a rocking quadruped
With a big idea in your head

Form and function in a line
The rudiments of good design
From the oaken leg to the fine wine
To table tops of melamine

There’s nothing that you couldn’t make
No effect you couldn’t fake
A pebble sprayed with metal flake
Would make a precious paperweight

Teddy bears to stuff with stuff
Like nylon mink from a lady’s muff
Cotton balls and a powder puff
Pom poms and pocket fluff

Stainless steel and a rock hard aura
The marble glance of a lost explorer
A heavy heart for the love of Nora
Chains of flowers on a draped amphora

Time time time to slay
Each crowded hour of every day
Where indolence is kept at bay
In an arty-crafy kinda way

poem by Dr. John Cooper Clarke



My entry is a little late this week – trouble with internet connection – soooo frustrating!

Joining in with the Daily Post: HIDDEN

Feel free to join in with the Photo Challenge Cathy and I have put together, by leaving a link in the Comments – we’d love to see your Cache’s.


Girl power Cerne Giant, gouache resist and ink

Girl Power Cerne Giant

reactions differ 

altering ancient symbols

amused or irate?


Our One-A-Week Photo Challenge prompt this week is PAIR

Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku challenge prompts are : AMUSED and IRATE


The photo is of a painting I did in 1994. I had just returned from a round the world trip looking at all sorts of ethnic symbols in Nepal, Australia, Tahiti and America and realised there is a very powerful symbol in my home county. The Cerne Giant.

I have written about him before a couple of times, here is one post describing a walk in that area. Rainbow Junkie has also written about visiting Cerne Abbas.

When I was playing around with the Giant design, first I gave him a mate by putting my girl version next to him in a painting, but this one is my favourite – girl power!

My 7 year old grandson, Master R asked to me the other day, “Why are boys more important than girls?”

“They’re not are they?” I replied

“Well why do we have the World’s Strongest Man competition and the World’s Tallest Man competition but not the World’s Strongest Woman or the World’s Tallest Woman?”

“Good point,” I said, “I think a long time ago men thought they were more important just because they were in general taller and stronger than women, and some of that still stays on in our culture, but we know better now don’t we, all that thinking is a bit old fashioned.”

We then had quite a long discussion about all the things that girls were better at doing, boys were better at doing and things which boys and girls were equally good at.

They take me into interesting arenas of discussion these grandchildren of mine – looking at the world through their eyes is a very useful thing to do.


Cathy and I have created a list of Photo Challenges, just for fun. You can see them all here.

Please leave a link to your ‘Pair’ in the Comments, we’d love to see them, and i will include your link in the monthly Round-Up.


17 for 2017: May

Life is still very busy and although I have not been blogging very much lately, there is still lots of creativity and crafting going on to share with you in the future.

Only two items to add this month, a walk and Yes! and Yippeeeee!!!! I met a fellow blogger!

17 – walks longer than an hour


One this month, during Half-term with my daughter’s three bouncy children. We were at Kingston Lacy from 11.15am until 5.30pm, walking through the gardens and woods and clambering up and over all sorts of obstacles. The children also did some carpentry: making a walking stick, a little easel and a bug hotel. It was a great day out.


We even saw some ‘pineapples’ – the children have run on ahead, can you see the dots in the distance? They call this the ‘Pineapple Path’ as they think the trees look like giant pineapples.

And here are a couple of lions especially for Cathy



I like hers better though!

16 – handmade greetings cards.


15 – beachy things (split into 3 x 5s – 5 pieces of beach related art, 5 beach cleans on new beaches, 5 beach clean sculptures, assemblages or mandalas)

Zero so far – this is the one I’m most disappointed about, but there is still time.

14 – items for my Etsy shop


Remains at 5.

13 – drawers, cupboards, shelves or boxes sorted out.


Still 7

I’ve shuffled things around a bit, but can’t claim anything has truly been sorted out.

12 – WIPs finished


Still 6.

11 – paintings/ art works


10 – house and garden tasks


9 – textile books worked on.


8 – hand written letters to grandchildren


7 – find 7 interesting objects


6 – items made for Pippin or improvements to Pippin (the caravan in the garden).


5  – random acts of kindness


although of course there are always more to do

4 – new National Trust properties visited


3 – make three up-cycled items of clothing 


2 – meet two fellow bloggers


So happy that I was able to meet up with Jane of Rainbow Junkie. She came to my local town and we able to meet up for a walk along Ringstead beach. It felt very special to sit over a cuppa after our walk and share life stories. She gave me the most generous and beautiful gift of her very own Celtic Coasters – I am so thrilled with them! Lucky, lucky me! Thank you Rainbow J. ❤

1 – car boot sale


0 – Buy zero new clothes



Others participating in 17 for 2017 are Nanacathy,  Mrs Snail, Mrs CraftMurtagh’s Meadow, Cherie,  Erin, Deb, …………… and? Let me know if you would like to be added to the list.




caught my eye

in the fading light

treasure found


Our ‘One-a-Week’ Photo Challenge Prompt this week is FENCE

Ronovan’s Haiku Prompts are EYE and FADE

The mitten on the post must have been there a while as it was green with algae. Since starting to do beach cleans, I see all litter and dropped items in a new light. They are all potential art materials with a human back story. It did feel slightly weird taking it from it’s post, but I am pretty certain it’s owner is not likely to return for it. It will go with other found clothing I have and see what art work it might inspire.

The top of the fence post is a little world of its own


The photos were taken on a walk from Nine Wells towards Solva (Pembrokeshire) along the coastal path.dscf0156


I was walking from the treehouse as the sun was going down.



There was no wind and I stood to watch the sunset before returning




to the cosiness of my nest in the trees.

What fences have you found this week?  Leave a link in the comments below, we’d love to see them.

16 for 2016 December

A bit late, but I just had to do a final round-up of my 16 for 2016 targets. I was so pleased with my late surge of activity in December, that I wanted to share them with you.

Inspired by Cathy at Nanacathy, here is what I wanted to achieve in 2016, all the ones in PINK were completed in December.

16 WALKS (of more than an hour)


Once away from home in December I went on a walk nearly every day and had done 4 one hour walks within the first 6 days, hitting the target and beyond.

ft path




Just before leaving home for my 31 day retreat I had the idea of making re-usable cards out of fabric

and some fabric ‘cards’ to send to my 8 grandchildren whilst I was away.

Here’s 3 of them


Each little pocket on the left has a favourite saying tucked into it.


10 done

Certainly not as many as I would have liked – must do better!


11 done


6 done

I have no gardening targets in my 2017 list!


Zero in 2016 – which really did surprise me – however Miss E wanted to make a drawstring bag to keep her gym hand-guards in, and we have just made 3 together


I’m keeping the one on the left to put shoes in when I’m packing a case to go away. It is also the perfect size for a wine bottle!

Miss E has the other two.


7 done

I tried lots of tutorials on YouTube which I could not get to work, but I was glad to have had a go.



I went away on 15th Dec with a car laden with fabric and started creating pieces of textile art on Day One – with a month stretching ahead it was lovely to sit amidst material and threads and be able to concentrate on just that with no interruptions. I think I started at least 10 projects in December and did finish a couple which I will share at a later date.

Here is a textile tassel just to give you a hint of what is to come





I completed this target on 5th Dec: I was spurred on to have a tidy up before going away. So pleased to hit this particular target.


5 done, 2 to go

Lots of paintings in progress but just 5 finished. See them here

6 BUS RIDES using my Bus Pass

2 done


4 done


1 done


1 done

I did have another massage whilst I was away….. bliss (a gift from my lovely daughter – even better!)…… but it was in January 2017.



Collecting clothing. Crocheting Blankets. Making donations.



‘Enchanted August’ by Brenda Bowen got me there.




Doing this review has helped me be a little more realistic for 2017 – I think!

The list is waiting in the wings. It is fun to see there are a few of us doing the 17 for 2017 challenge, even my daughter has been inspired to join in and has made a brilliant start.




footpath flows along

hard to tear myself away

from this special place


This is my entry for our ‘One-a-Week’ Photo Challenge: GATE


Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge: FLOW and TEAR


Cee’s Which Way Challenge


The 10 minute walk down the valley from the treehouse that I was staying in, leads to the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, which you can see making its way towards Solva, going right past that Iron Age Hill Fort. The gate is to keep the grazing ponies in, this side of the gate.


More tales from the Treehouse:

To get to the public footpath from the Treehouse one needs to wiggle down through Elizabeth’s garden. The footpath runs from the National Trust car park near the road, straight down to the sea.walk to the sea1

The treehouse can be seen from the path. More agile walkers have obviously chosen a quicker route by sliding down the bank.

Walk to sea 3

Soon one enters the ancient unmanaged little piece of woodland


with the music of the stream beside you turning the walk into a dance


until you get to the ‘bridge’, which is tempting to cross, to follow in the fairies’ footsteps.

Hear the sound of the stream in this post……

Creatures pop out to say hello


and there are artful lichen arrangements on nearly every branch.


After passing the serenity of the old Millpond


you pass through a gate


and catch your first sight of the sea


Each time I walked that path, I stopped here and just noticed the change of atmosphere from an enclosed cosy woodland walk to this …….. the promise of that feeling of opening up, of expansion, that the next few steps will bring …… the moment of transition, I find there is power in that moment.

And then …. ooof!


Breathe deep, what a view.

The GATE in the very first photo lies just to the left, around the curve of the hill.

People used to live in this valley, you can still see the ruins of an old mill, and then further back in time, our ancestors, maybe even my ancestors, lived on the hill fort – what a place to live.

I had the valley more or less to myself for a whole month! what a feeling! I woke each morning with a smile on my face, not quite able to believe I had given myself this wonderful treat.


Next week’s Photo Prompt is



I’m really looking forward to your ‘GATE’ photos, please leave a link in the comments.