A Blanket for Miss E.F.

I have made a blanket for each of my children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, plus a few for friends. I am now borrowing the grandchildren of friends to make blankets for. I just don’t feel right unless I have one on the go.

I made one for Miss P.  She used to sit next to me on the Park bench after school and always took an interest in the crochet and the blankets I was making. She particularly loved the colours in the blanket I made for Miss M.

She still likes bright colours and I gave her the Harbour Blanket I made last year. Miss P. has a sister Miss E.F. and a brother Master T.F. so it is only right that I should make a blanket for them as well.

I have a box of all the little left-over bits of Stylecraft Special DK and I took it round to them after school one day.

Miss E.F. is one of those hugely positive and energetic smiley children and her favourite colour is blue – she wanted them ALL! and set about sorting them into the order she wanted them to appear in the blanket.

She decided on the pattern of the Attic24 Neat Ripple  and I have made a start

Foundation Row: 154 + 3

4.5mm hook

Stylecraft Special DK

Colours so far: Midnight, French Navy, Royal

I am trying to use some of my little balls of yarn and weigh them to see if they will complete a row, which takes about 6gm.

This is a very relaxing pattern that I can do in front of the TV and pick up in odd moments, whilst I wait for Part 4 of the Virtue Blanket Crochet Along.

I will tell you which colours Master T.F. chose in another blog post.


13 responses to “A Blanket for Miss E.F.

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  2. I bet Miss E.F. had the best time putting the colors in the order she wanted, what a thrill to design your own!

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  3. What a great way of using up all those small balls – even if you do have to keep weighing them! I love how even the younger recipients like to be involved in choosing the colour schemes – but also that they enjoy the end results so much. Well done you, for the pleasure you bring! 👍😊

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  4. The dark blues are lovely. 😀

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  5. Murtagh's Meadow

    More beautiful colours

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  6. Good to see a girl who knows her mind. 😃

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  7. Those blues are such beautiful colors together.

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