Down by the Sea

Another Crochet Along started whilst I was making the Flamingo inspired Virtue blanket.

This one by Eleonora of Coastal Crochet

Resistance, as they say, was useless.

Eleonora’s colour ways are sunny and bright, but as soon as I saw the pattern, I saw it in ice cream colours and then just had to make it.

The pattern is so clever. There is Tunisian crochet made on an ordinary hook in the centre, and there are hook size changes to accommodate different techniques. I am very aware of how much trial, error, unpicking and time that must have gone into creating this pattern.

In order to create the verticle stripes there are chains across the back, and because I chose to make them in two colours my chains are longer and create a thick woven look on the back. If one wanted to create a blanket to keep out the cold, this would be an excellent stitch to choose. I might catch them down at the back once the blanket is finished if I feel that the long chains would be a nuisance in use.

As the green strands became longer to get round the corners, I did the rows on each side separately

I am posting progress photos on Instagram

Made with Stylecraft Special DK

Colours: Cream, White, Toy, Powder Pink, Clematis, Duck Egg, Storm Blue, Lincoln.



13 responses to “Down by the Sea

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  2. Lovely, delicate in pattern and soft colors.

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  3. Lovely colour choices. I like the idea of using tunisian crochet within another project. I have only recently started to learn tunisian and find it so time-consuming! The chains are pretty. I can imagine this in sea greens and turquoise…. 😃 Happy crocheting!

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    • I agree with you about Tunisian Crochet, but a small bit of it is ok to do and does give a bit of interest.
      Sea greens and turquoise! Now you’re talking – YES! oooh – not sure I will repeat this pattern but those colours are definitely going to be in my thoughts for another project. 🙂

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  4. Going Batty in Wales

    Another lovely one.

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  5. I’m with Nana Cathy. Pretty but it sure does look complicated.

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  6. That is so pretty!

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  7. Wow , so pretty. Though it looks very hard.

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    • Eleonora does such excellently detailed video tutorials that are so easy to follow, so it didn’t seem hard.
      I think it would be possible to learn how to crochet from her videos.


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