Hearts and free downloads

Valentine’s Day is on its way. I’ve been having fun making cards for my 8 grandchildren aged 4 – 9.

Photos of Love Rocks and sketch book pages were printed onto 160gm A4 white card.


I measured the card into 2″x 4″ sections


and cut with a craft knife


giving me enough pieces to make 5 cards.


Using double-sided sellotape in each corner


I fixed the two layers together.

Then added some heart stickers and made 5 cards


They still need a little more decorating to personalise them.

On the next batch I used a doodle page


Would you like to have a go?

Here is the link to the You Tube clip  I learnt from,

and some PDFs for you to download, just click on the title.






love rocks

If you download them I’d love to see what you make.



19 responses to “Hearts and free downloads

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  2. Really lovely. We have a reliable but sadly only a black and white printer.

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    • I’m just wondering if you could print ‘tendrils’ as black and white and use that. You can always add colour with some doodles of your own or some stickers or washi tape. You have given me the idea to offer some back and white doodles as free downloads as well. Thanks Cathy. 😉


  3. Laurie Graves

    Lovely! What a treat it must be to get one of those gems in the mail.

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  4. Amazing art Sandra, beautiful tones.

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  5. These look really effective, Sandra

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow


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  7. These are lovely Daffy. How kind of you to share the downloads with us. 🙂

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  8. This is very generous of you! Your cards are inspiring!

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