Every Day Art

I just saw this on my #seriescd Instagram page and it excited me so much I just had to share it with you

series of doodles Since starting the doodles in my 6″ x 6″ sketch book, to travel with ,I have become immersed in continuing with a Series using a CD as a starting point. I have to do one as I wake up and can’t settle to sleep at night without doing another.

And today I got some Posca Pens in the post!

Eeek!!!!!posca pens

they show up so well on the black card – they sort of glow!

Not cheap at £14.99 for 8 pens but so worth it.

I am on my second sketch book – they each have 40 pages in them ….

Must go – I have doodles to doodle doodle doo!


14 responses to “Every Day Art

  1. Cool pens, they are a great addition to your artsy stash. I do love how they look on that black paper. 😍

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  2. With that kind of output you must have oodles of doodles by now!

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  3. Murtagh's Meadow

    Very cool!!

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  4. Hours pass by while we doodlers doodle 😀

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  5. Can’t beat exciting post! I should organise some for myself. Enjoy the doodling.

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  6. Well, that will keep you quiet! I love how us artsy, craftsy, sewsty (made up word) get excited about simple things like a piece of fabric, the colour of a ball of wool or some painty pens. We are easy to please and make happy.

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  7. Doodle on! So snappy.

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