Garden Diary

Whilst blog-hopping I came across this blog: ‘My Garden Diaries’, it’s great, have a look. The title woke up that little nagging voice I have been ignoring for a while. That voice says “keep a garden diary”, so that I can look back and know what I was doing (and when) in the garden.

I want to create an Art Journal style diary, and did make a start – YIKES! back in September 2013!01c

Since then other things keep pushing themselves to the top of the priority list and painting, collaging and journalling seem to have slipped away – (sad face!) So, I have a plan: If anything to do with the garden has happened since my last post, I will add a bit under the title ‘Garden’ at the end of each post.

Yesterday I had the joy of picking a bulging bag of rocket and winter salad leaves that were sown by my Grandchildren with seed I had collected from my own plants. rocketVery satisfying, especially in January. The rocket (that bushy row of green on the right of the raised bed) was sown by Master R back in late summer, it is most peppery and delicious. And it is great to look back at the photos of the children painting the boards of the raised bed boardswith left over house paint (add orange and scarlet to the above mix and you see the colours of my kitchen in my former old thatched cottage – I miss that kitchen and its bright welcome!) raised bedAnd then poster paints for their pictures. Miss E had the brilliant idea of sketching her design with water firstsketch




We put the beds together, and filled them with soil and compost (Master R just LOVES making compost!)



and sowed seeds in pots ready for planting out later



wrote labelslabels

and a few weeks later there was planting, weeding, wateringgdn

and more labelling to be done



10 responses to “Garden Diary

  1. Ooooh… any chance we’ll see pics of that colourful kitchen from your past? Making a garden diary with pics/notes to look back on is a very nice idea 🙂 ♥ ❤

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    • Thanks for the request! I lived in that house before digital photography. I have looked through old pictures but I can’t find any of the kitchen – it was a tiny narrow kitchen on the north side of an old thatched cottage, full of awkward shapes, that’s why i needed to cheer it up. It was fun going down memory lane looking at the pictures though – thank you for the prompt.

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  2. Aren’t you clever (I knew that already!). A great idea to add on to each post. Should be interesting…
    Those colors are so vibrant. They must just love time spent with you, so hands on. Xx

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    • Ha ha! A friend once said to me “grandchildren are the prize you get after the long haul”, I did (do) love being a Mum, so it didn’t feel to me like a long haul, but it is SO great to be doing it all over again without all the big weighty decisions that parents have to make. The enjoyment is entirely mutual!!!! And sharing my love for this wonderful journey in blogland adds to the joy tremendously – thank you for being part of this journey! xxx

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  3. Every year I intend to keep a garden journal and I usually fail… but maybe I will make a start this weekend when I sow my first seeds of the year – hot chilli peppers

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  4. awsome…just look at those green muddy fingers!

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