Our Unexpected Community~

You express just how I feel about this very special comunity, thank you. 👏 ❤️ 👌 💜 👍 💚

I was directed to this post by Judy at Edwina’s Episodes, who always finds a heartwarming selection of posts in her Free For All Friday post.

is like a brilliant field of new spring flowers,
filled with creative, talented, intelligent people, with open, searching minds, who are kind and supportive, rooting for each other.
A field chock full of productive people who use their unique talents in individual ways to contribute, to try and make a better world.
A community that spans countries, continents, religions and viewpoints, composed of individuals adding their light to an often dark world.

You are a blessing everyday to so many, including me. It was time to pause, and express my gratitude for being part of you.

Non-bloggers may not understand the depth of our individual and community connection. Hopefully, they might start a blog and find out for themselves, if not, it is their loss.

I picked these photos and flowers in honor of you, and our community.
Thank you for being you! Cheers to you and long may you…

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10 responses to “Our Unexpected Community~

  1. Oooops, I said this twice! Oh well, hope it’s twice as nice!!

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    • Now thrice as nice! So many people are agreeing with you nd love your post – you speak for so many of us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. Thank you for your kind thougthfulness and it is a joy to meet you! Cheers & be well!

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  3. Such lovely sentiments, mirroring just how I feel about the blogging community too

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  4. A lovely lot of photographs.

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  5. Some beautiful images to go with the shared thoughts Sandra.

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  6. I can see why the pics and words made such an impression on you Sandra. Completely agree!!

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  7. Thank you for your thoughtful kindness and cheers to you!

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  8. Hear, hear! …..Lovely words and stunning photos 😀

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