frayed nerves averted

with easy access to warmth

my secret is unveiled


My sitting room holds a secret, if you have been following my blog for a while you might know what it is as I have mentioned it before and the Haiku gives you a clue.

I will reveal the secret tomorrow. Although then, as Rainbow J says, it will no longer be a secret … except to those who come to the house for the first time.

Joining with Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge, prompts: FRAY and VEILED

Can you believe Our Photo Challenge is in its 14th week with the photo prompt word SECRET. You can see all the prompts for the weeks to come by going to the  Photo Challenge Page.

We would love you to join us. Just leave a link to your SECRET photo post in the comments, either here or in Nanacathy’s Photo Challenge Post and I will include you in the Weekly Round Up.

Next week’s word: PATH

24 responses to “Secret

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  2. I love your little secret Daffy, and the clever haiku too! 🙂

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  4. Amazing! We haven’t room for a secret cupboard but our logs do get a bit untidy sometimes! 💚💛❤️💜💙

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  5. I’ve been a bit behind in my reading, so saw the answer before this post! A grand secret, indeed, would not have figured it out. Love this secret! 😉

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  6. I think we would have to have seen a ‘secret’ like yours to have guessed correctly! Thanks for hosting – mine is at

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  8. I’m playing catch up and read your answer first! I feel like I’ve cheated😀

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  9. I must admit, recall you mentioning this in the past. My secret is in my sitting/family room also….

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  11. My uncle and aunty built the same set up in their house about 45 years ago, so I have to confess, I knew your secret!!

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  12. Hi Sandra, great Haiku, did I get the clue?

    Here is the link to my secret posting

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    • You did Denis, well done. I saw the idea in a house about 25 years ago and did not have an opportunity to recreate it until now. I just love the ease and simplicity of it. Thank you for the link.


  13. I would guess it is a wood burning stove like Nanacathy.

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  14. New wood burner? Love a mystery! I will post mine later today!

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