Mini Pilgrimage


Newgale Beach is just 6 miles from the treehouse. When the tide is out you can walk for 2 – 3 miles from one end to the other – that flat clear space calms my chattering mind and restores a sense of balance.

(Click on any of the photos to see them larger.)


The first walk is always special, reconnecting with the place. I remember all those happy family times. Each little landmark holds a memory from a different year.

My senses are heightened and I see beauty in every pebble


every wave and ripple


every grain of sand




There is a rock  …. the one with the yellow arrow


with a huge rock-pool in it, in which my Grandad and I once found an eel. It inspired this poem: Journey Into Now

I make a mini-pilgrimage to it each time I visit Pembrokeshire. As I touch it and climb up to look into the pool I feel closest to my grandfather. He was a rock and a safe haven for me through a stormy childhood.

We are making new memories there  – a photo taken in August 2015 of Miss E and Master R exploring the rock pools in and around that rock.


The pool indicated by the Blue Arrow features in this post . My daughter discovered it, Miss E swam in it and we all threw in a pebble and made a wish – we call it our Wishing Pool.

I threw in a pebble this time and made a wish for my Mum.


Here is my favourite photo from that first walk, I have just ordered it to be printed on a large  30″ x 20″ canvas.


I feel like the figure represents me – it was a man with a child in a carrier on his back, walking with a dog. I don’t have a dog but when I walk I am never alone.


On the way back to the treehouse I called into Number 35, a great little cafe/restaurant in Solva, for a scrumptious lunch of smoked salmon salad with garlic bread.





33 responses to “Mini Pilgrimage

  1. What a lovely place to reminisce and walk.

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  2. Wonderful photos! You’re lucky to have such a beautiful place to go to!

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  3. What wonderful memories you have of the place Daffy, and it is lovely that you are making many more new ones too.
    Those photos are glorious too. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful post. You have really benefitted from the break I can tell. That salad looks delicious.

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  5. Wonderful images and story Sandra

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  6. Murtagh's Meadow

    It looks like beautiful beach 🙂

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  7. What a wonderful time & place to recharge!

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  8. That seems like a perfect day to me. I think me and The Fella will be planning a holiday there! Or maybe just me…….😊

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  9. What a beautiful post, both the fabulous photos and the narrative! You make me want to walk this beach and experience the stillness . . .

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  10. You’ve got some great photos of a beautiful place there. I must visit sometime – it looks wonderful.

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  11. Thank you again ps that photo will indeed make a wonderful canvas

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  12. I feel the same way about Whitesands and Porth Selu {which is a very different beach, small and intimate} Your photography is outstanding in this, Newgale is a very giving subject too. My final major in collage was an evening gown inspired by the ocean and I will never forget, one glorious late spring morning, riding that early bus into Haverfordwest, as we came to the brow of the hill overlooking Newgale and there it was, stretched out before me in all it’s glory ~~~ the colours of the gown I had just completed. The sand, the sea, the pebble bank ~ it was all there. Yes, it is a very special beach.

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  13. Gorgeous! Such happy memories x

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