In a Dish on Monday


My daughter and her family (Miss E, Master R, Little Miss M and Mr.M) went on holiday last week. To welcome them home I made this little cameo, which is photographed in my hall before I took it to their house.


Joining Cathy for her worldwide garden party held every Monday over at Rambling in the Garden.

I used hebe, hazel, primrose, succulents and this flower spike from a laurelDSC_0456


A few empty snail shells were put in the corner as Little Miss M loves snails – when she was 2 she collected them and made houses for them.


In the early 1990s I worked at Dansel , a bespoke woodworking Gallery. If you are ever in Dorset it is well worth a visit. It was a wonderful place to work and very tempting. I am lucky enough to have a few pieces from those days. Each piece was signed by the maker. The mirror frame was made by Simon Teed.

The sycamore bowl was made by Peter Dalby in 1992. It holds Angel Cards, which were created as part of the Transformation Game at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.


If you would like me to pick a card for you, let me know in the comments.

The picture you can see in the mirror is a piece of felt I made at a workshop run by Di Pattinson a few years ago.

I can highly recommend her workshops.

The piece was immediately pinned to a canvas painted with acrylic paint mixed with sandDSC_0518 and there it sits – I always intended to do more to it but now I think I like it as it is. I could fix the pins at the back with Sugru.DSC_0520The diamond weaving hanging below it was made for me by Miss E for my birthday. She knows my favourite colours! Orange and pink together always a winner!

Maybe, I could fix it on to the painting ……. hmmmm ….. ….DSC_0537

I’ll leave for a while….. I think I like it ….. what do you think?


43 responses to “In a Dish on Monday

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  2. This is SO cute! Really inspired by these ideas, thank you


  3. Great one . Loved the welcome

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  4. So inspiring! I love your meaningful family activities, such creative works help connect family members very well. I also love your mini-garden, it attracts me a lot.

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  5. Your little dish is absolutely delightful! What a lovely scene for your family to see when they return home. 🙂 You really do inspire me to be a bit more imaginative… Love the felt picture both with and without the diamond. With it, it looks like the sun in a beautiful sunset.

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  6. I absolutely love your little woodland creation – it’s so charming! A cheerful gift for your lucky family.
    Your felted art is quite nice. There is a local artist here that is offering a felted egg workshop in time for Easter that I was thinking of taking. Your colors are inspiring me!

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  7. Your arrangement this week is so sweet Sandra. Made me think of Hunca Munca

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  8. Murtagh's Meadow

    Everything looks beautiful!

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  9. You did yourself and your family proud with this display, Sandra! I love that you recovered and included the snail shells for Little Miss M. I’m always surprised when the raccoons, not otherwise known for the delicacy of their work in the garden, leave intact shells behind for me (perhaps as a peace offering?). I’ve never thought to include them somewhere but it’s a great idea.

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  10. Oh, and yes please, pick a card for me!

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  11. So much creativity here, and colour too. The planter will be a wonderful welcome home for them. I like the felt alone, but the addition makes me think of a kite in a sunny sky by the sea; very playful!

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    • RainbowJ also mentioned the seaside in relation to the felt picture, which I hadn’t thought of before, but now I see it, and like it all the more for it. I like the co-creation element that bringing the two together brings.

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  12. What a pretty and colourful post. And the scene is cute with the catkins dangling over it.

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  13. What a wonderful welcome home. Happy Monday.

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  14. Oh it is all delightful Sandra – all these makes by different people – your garden, Miss E’s gift, the wooden artefacts, the felt picture. Thank you so much for sharing all these creative projects – and I like the addition of Miss E’s gift to the picture. It really draws the eye in

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    • Thank you so much Cathy for your lovely comment. It was only after I had taken the picture of the little garden in situ did I realise everything in the picture had a story. That’s what I love about these memes, they always bring forth other wonders. xx

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  15. So much to love in this post—the little garden bowl, the beautiful snail shell, and the Angel cards. Yes, please! Pick one for me. What a lovely Monday this is turning out to be.

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  16. The garden creation is creative and full of texture. What a great welcome home.

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  17. What a nice thing you did, to make that welcome garden! It’s beautiful, as are all the things you feature in the post. I like the ojo de dios weaving on top of the felt–I like the look and the symbolism of the generations of making things!

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  18. I just love that little garden that yoiu made for your family on their return. You are so thoughtful Daffy, as well as extremely talented! Looks like Miss E is going to follow in your footsteps too! 🙂

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  19. What a sweet decoration and I like the felt picture. I think I prefer it just as it is. Has a ‘sea side’ feel to it.

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  20. I love your miniature garden, I’m going to show my daughter- she will be enchanted with it too! I’d love you to pick me an angel 🙂

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  21. A beautiful scene. I think you need to make a little garden to live there just for you.Yes please to pick me an angel card and tell me what he says. Have a good day! xx

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  22. I adore the little welcome home garden scene! Sitting here this morning, having discussed my back yesterday and pulled it this very morning on getting up!
    It is always tricky to know when to finish, isn’t it? I would leave the felt picture alone to, and finish the pins off with that Sugru.
    My crystals sit in a turned wooden bowl that my Daddy made forty years ago, so very special to me, as is yours with your Findhorn Angel Cards. I was reading about the ley line energy of Findhorn in a random article just yesterday, so please, would you pick me an Angel card?

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Deb. What a creative family you have, so wonderful to have a bowl made by your Dad.
      I picked a card and the Angel of Surrender appeared. ❤
      Sending love and soothing vibes for your poorly back. Take care.

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