Pineapples from my Garden

flatlay flowers, pineapple

flatlay dandelion pineapple

flatlay pineapples, primroses, dandelions

Cathy from NanaCathy, knowing my penchant for pineapples kindly sent me a photo of a pineapple door wreath made out of sunflowers, so instead of doing the digging and the weeding as intended, of course I had to have a play. Thank you Cathy for the inspiration, it was fun! 😀

Luckily the weather has been glorious this Easter here in the UK and I have been blissfully gardening each day, so some digging and weeding got done eventually.

Most of my garden is still waiting for much needed attention, but there are little cameos here and there that I love

Self sown cerinthe survived the winter under the espalier pears

cerinthe and espalier pears

Early morning sun through the amalanchier sings spring!

early morning sun

and the randomly planted Brompton Stocks, wallflowers and other self-seeded joys are really perking up in the sunshinewallflowers

I do hope you have been able to enjoy a garden somewhere this Easter.

Pop along to see what other gardeners have been up to at Rambling in the Garden.


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44 responses to “Pineapples from my Garden

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  3. I remember your thing about pineapples…always think of you when I see them, the motif, making my pineapple carvings before eating them! These are really inspired and so you!

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  4. Your garden looks beautiful Cathy. Spring has to be my favourite season and last week’s fabulous weather just showed it off to perfection!

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  5. The colours are so cheerful!

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  6. Great pineapples–looks fun. Love your stocks. I keep meaning to plant them.

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  7. Murtagh's Meadow

    These look great! Yes it has been a gardening weekend here too

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  8. Your pineapples are a treat, Sandra! I love the shots from your garden too. The photo of the sun streaming through the Amelanchier is glorious and the last shot captures the beauty of Easter.

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  9. I knew of course they wouldn#t be real pineapples and I should have guessed that this is the line you were going to be going down – so imaginative and effective! I love these flat lays that you have introduced us to ps nice to see what is giving you pleasure in your own garden today too

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  10. Wonderful floral pineapples! No gardening in Maine over the Easter weekend. Too wet. But in a way, that’s all right. We are actually beginning to see green shoots in the garden. Not as lovely as where you live, but spring is coming to Maine.

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  11. Wow!
    These snaps are so amazing 🙂

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  12. Love your floral pineapples, we have one sitting on the counter ripening. DH is determined to get a top to root this year.🍍 we had a lovely soft rain for Easter and cool temperatures, perfect for the seeds and transplants. I’m hoping to see some rows when the sun comes up this morning. It will be cloudy again, but a little warmer today, perfect transplant weather.🌦

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  13. What original sweet arrangements! Your gardens look lush and full – perfect for celebrating Easter. So glad you had a beautiful day to enjoy!

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  14. We had lovely weather here too – but no gardening as it’s time for everything to have a wee rest. Your ‘pineapples’ are fun!!

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  15. Deborah O'Brien

    Love the little cameos which are so pretty, and your pineapples are so very creative and such fun!

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  16. I think you’ve actually had better weather in the U.K. than we’ve had here in S.W. France this Easter but, as we’re toiling away trying to get our bathroom totally renovated, it’s probably just as well.
    Love those pineapples.

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  17. So glad you got some gardening done after I distracted you. The garden looks very pretty and I love your pineapples. We spent yesterday afternoon sitting in the garden stopping Toddler J from going to near the pond and greenhouse . Today looks just as wonderful. We are going a walk this morning.

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