Another Day Another Dreamcatcher

crochet mandala

This is my second ‘Agnes’. (a free pattern) You can see my first one in Turquoise here.

I made it with Scheepjes Sweet Treat, Snow White and a 2.5mm hook.

It took 2 balls, with just one row to go, so I had to break into a third to do the last row and for sewing onto the 50cm hoop.

I first attach the completed doily onto the hoop with stitchmarkers and then sew each point onto the hoop, threading the yarn through the work to the next point….

like this one: Ruta

crochet doily

also in Scheepjes Sweet Treat, but this time in Tropic 

and a 2mm hook, attached to a 40cm hoop.

Onto the next one.



33 responses to “Another Day Another Dreamcatcher

  1. Felted Ladybug

    This is stunningly beautiful! I have a 90 cm hoop I want to fill with a mandala and after seeing your white Agnes, I think I’ll try that one. I have 4-ply cotton yarn. Do you think if I use a 3.5 mm hook I could get to the size I want?
    I’ve already had to reorder yarn because my last mandala pattern didn’t fit. Bah!
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. Very creative and patience testing.

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  3. Wow they are amazing and so finely crafted!

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  4. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Do you keep them or give them as gifts?

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  5. Such a great way to display doilies. 2 1/2 mm hook is not for the faint hearted! It’s very pretty indeed and they will look terrific en masse, however grouped.

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    • You are right about the hook size. I’ve tried smaller with thinner yarn but it is too taxing. 2mm is the lowest I’ll go.
      I’m working towards a nice group of dingly-danglies – when there are a enough to look good dangling together, I’ll be able to move on!


  6. I love white doilies, and this is right there with them! Just gorgeous!

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  7. The white one is so elegant – would be lovely as a wedding or Christmas decoration.

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  8. The yarn name Snow White gave me a vision of a whole lot of white ones hanging from the branches of a tree like gigantic snowflakes… Very pretty indeed. I’m not a dreamcatcher person, but these are art!

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  9. both are lovely!

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  10. While I continually get sidetracked making other things (that I have just this minute remembered I forget to photograph before sending off to their new homes) my lovely doily patterns sit wasting away, waiting to be picked up…… and you have made five already!! It’s beautiful!!

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    • I have lots of temporarily abandoned projects shelved during this current mandala/dreamcatcher obsession. I’m usually such a grasshopper when it comes to projects, but when an obsession grabs me I love to give in to it and let it run its course.
      What a shame you didn’t take photos – looking forward to seeing your doilies when they come out of the naughty corner. 😉 ❤

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  11. Rustic Pumpkin

    I suppose it’s quite annoying having to start another ball for just a small amount, but I know you will find good use for it. What a beautiful mandala this is.

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  12. A very pretty effect, Sandra – how long does each one take?

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  13. Lovely! You must have quite a houseful by now.

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