December Window

Branscombe window

Here we are at the last ‘Windows’ photo of the year.

This is a photo I took a while back but I thought it summed up this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, with a glimpse of colour and light to brighten our short winter days.

Thank you so much to all of you who have shared such wonderful photos and stories to go with them each month throughout 2019.

Please leave a link in the comments to share this month’s Windows.


2020 is just around the corner and I am so excited that the theme for the year will be

*** !!  ❤ TEXTILE TUESDAYS ❤ !! ***

Let’s gather on the first Tuesday of the month to share what textiles we have found, or textile projects we are working on.

I am so looking forward to sharing some textiley nattering with you all.

The first Textile Tuesday will be on Tuesday 7th January

Happy Days!


35 responses to “December Window

  1. I’ve had fun joining in every month this year! Here’s my December entry:

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  3. How do I join in with Textile Tuesday next year please

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    • On the first Tuesday of each month I will write a Textile Tuesdays post with photos of textiles, to join in you simply add a link to your post of the textiles you have found to photograph, in the comments below my post.
      The photos need to be your own.
      Your link can be to your current post or an archive post on your blog.
      The first one will be on 7th January.

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  4. Lovely evocative shot

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  5. Looking forward to Textile Tuesdays, here’s my last window of 2019

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    • Me too – I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone’s textile finds.
      Thank you for all your entries this year, they have always been so full of interesting info and stories.
      This month’s post has a wonderfully festive feel.


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  7. 2020!!!!!!!! a slip of the keyboard

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    • You can see in the post above, Textiles of all descriptions, will be our subject for 2020, on Textile Tuesdays.
      I’m sure Maggie will have a go a wrecking some textiles for you to photograph. 😉


  8. That is a beautiful use of shadow and light Sandra. Do you have a challenge idea for 2030?

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  9. This is a suitably moody photo. My memories of Christmas in the UK are very much like that. Textiles sounds fun too – if I ever decide to post again I might just be able to join in 🙂

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  11. Lovely and moody, like a Vermeer painting. If he had focused on windows instead of women with pearl earrings and letters. 😉

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  12. Lovely and evocative photo! Here’s mine:
    Thank you sooo much for hosting❣️ 😘

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  13. oooooh! That window says “come in here quickly, its warm!” I am freezing this morning. It is -7 C here. We have 10″ of crisp crunchy frozen snow from the weekend. It’s 13 C in my cold kitchen this 5 a.m. as I’m preparing breakfast. If you keep moving its plenty warm, but looking outside gives me shivers!

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  15. ‘Textiles Tuesdays’ – By textiles do you mean woven fabrics or is it wider than that? Sorry to have to ask my brain just works like that.

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  16. We all need light to brighten the days. here is the link to my post.

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    • Don’t we just!!!
      Your post is joyful, seasonal and heartwarming.
      Thank you so much for all your photos this year Cathy, I have loved your entries and the stories and information you have shared. ❤


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