We have had SO – MUCH – RAIN!!!


I have never seen the river as high as this at the ford.

When my son got married, in October 2008, the newlyweds left the church in a horse and trap and drove across the river here. The water would have covered their knees, sitting in the trap, if they had attempted it on Friday when I walked over the bridge in the rain.

And then the sun came out

and the heath was looking all rusty and glorious.

From cave dwellers til now – is it “ART”?!Icy weather to come apparently – I wonder if this will turn into a skating rink.

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?

27 responses to “WetWetWet

  1. We’ve had more or less no rain since Jan 22 (why I know that is I looked it up on weather page) and then yesterday it tried all day – and today the rain has come down, often in bucket loads. We need rain, our city fathers are forever complaining us inhabitants are draining the city reservoirs!
    But whether is was at the reservoirs, I did not know…but everything around here has been well watered, including the nearly dead veg garden belonging to the tenant next door…

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  2. We have a water meadow at the bottom of the village that floods but it never freezes enough to be a rink but I always say it would make a fabulous safe one for the kids if it did. 😄

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  3. We are bracing ourselves for some very frosty weather here, but I think I prefer that to too much wet and mud. Some of your lovely blue sky would be welcome too. 😉

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  4. No rain here for the last few days so, when I went out for an early walk, no fear of icy pavements. There was a touch of sleet in the air that even looked like tiny snowflakes by the end but nothing has settled and I think if has stopped now.

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  5. great photos Sandra. It looks more like Spring there.

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  6. And even here in S.W.Ireland – wet wet wet! Gosh but the garden is saturated at the moment! Lets hope it all dries out soon so we can make a start with the garden 🙂

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  7. Wet-wet-wet in my tiny corner of The South. All was snow farther north and west in the mountains. Rain here last night into this morning, but I just saw a patch of blue out the kitchen window. Above freezing, but definitely not coattail weather! (Cannot imagine sand on top of snow unless the sanding trucks had been by.🙀)

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  8. Goodness, that is indeed wet! Quite a change in temperature if you get snow. Bet it was nice to see the sun.

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  9. There’s something quite special in the light of a freshly washed, sunlit landscape. Then again, there’s nothing special about too much rain.

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  10. We are frigid here, Sandra, and dropping! We’ve had about 3 inches of snow this far, possibly more this am.

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  11. Wet, wet wet! Although the sun is coming out this afternoon. Lovely pictures.

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  12. Going Batty in Wales

    I have just walked the dogs and it is cold here with a strong ‘lazy’ wind but now the sun is out. I hope it doesn’t freeze over the next few days – I need to go into town and if it is icy will be stuck here! That ford is dramatic!

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  13. Murtagh's Meadow

    It has been a very wet winter here too. We have a few cold dry days forecast though. Love the images. Hope it stops raining soon

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  14. Lovely morning here Sandra – another world from yesterday!

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  15. Lovely sunny day here yesterday- walked to the church, enjoyed the sun on my face and admired the snowdrops. Today- grey and windy- will we get snow?

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  16. We’re not that far from you so similar. No hard frost this morning but it’s supposed to get very cold today whereas there was a hard frost yesterday morning but it was a glorious day – could even go coatless at one point.
    I believe Storm Darcy is supposed to be on her way isn’t she?
    I’ve just seen some photos from where I used to live in France where fallen snow has been smothered by sand blown from the Sahara and turned what should be a white landscape brown, Bizarre.

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