Slow Sunday Haiku

Leaves falling

Showing front and back

Autumn’s here


It is a long time since a haiku popped into my head.

This one was inspired by this post by Mrs Gumboots.

Joining Cee’s Challenge FOTD – Autumn Leaves


15 responses to “Slow Sunday Haiku

  1. Ahhh…happy memories of all those haikus we wrote…

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  2. Driving home
    Where are my fog lights?
    Safe arrival

    Inspired by my perilous journey back from Bournemouth in the autumn mists today. Am I allowed a question mark? Wasn’t sure.

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  3. Down Under
    Contrariwise, new
    Leaves arrive….

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  4. Lovely words and images!

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  5. Lovely words & photos – thank you!

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