First use of thimble,                                                                                                              Her constant companion                                                                                              Held close as ever


for Week 8: Create in bluedaisyz 52week photo challenge

Miss E has recently joined Beavers Club, where they have badges for everything – she wanted to make a tractor driver’s badge for when she is on the farm with her Daddy. We had such fun designing and creating this together.


‘Create’ with Jamie, Erika, Melissa, Roz, Garry.


9 responses to “Create

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  3. Creative mums produce creative children, I love to see them sew!💚❤️💛💜💙💚

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  5. Her constant companion looks very much loved. Xx

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    • ‘Teddy’ has become part of our family. She was given to Miss E at birth and has not been far from her ever since. Teddy now has her own wardrobe full of clothes I have been asked to knit for her. 🙂


  6. Beautiful words and a beautiful post x

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