hello“Hello!”fish spine





fanthis is my favourite photo from last Saturday morning – I will print it BIG

fellow a fellow early-morning beachcomber




spikesthere is something about this I love too, but not sure I would want it on my wall – do you have a favourite?


Delightful hours of meandering along – no thoughts other than jetsam

(the last time I did this was about a year ago in Abu Dhabi – it’s been far too long!)

Beachcombing slowly                                                                                                        On an icy morning                                                                                               Delighting in sunshine                                                                                                 Ideas forming

A fishbone, a pebble,                                                                                                            A net and some shell,                                                                                                         To me, these are treasures…                                                                                              And you, as well?


7 responses to “Beachcombing

  1. Such a lovely spot where even the stones are smiling 🙂 ♥ ❤

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  2. The happy face rock is cute! I think my favorite is the curved fish bone in the second picture.

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  3. I lie the translucent quality of the fish boned, but the oyster is my favourite x I hope you have good and poignant memories xxx

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    • Aah! that’s it, it is that quality I like too – I took several pictures but when I turned it to catch the low early morning sunlight, that’s the photo I went for. The oyster shell had sparkles of frost on it, soon melted in the sun. It is fun to know which one you like best – thanks.

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  4. What a gorgeous stone beach. So much more interesting than sand (which I also just love). In the third shot the stones seem to go on endlessly. The sheer cliff edge reminds me of many places here on the island. You poem really sums up the mood well. I like the peek-a-boo fingerless glove too 😉 Xx

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    • Thank you Melissa! I bought those fingerless gloves at a village ‘Bring and Buy’ sale in Wales on a trip there with my Mum about 6 years ago – poignant memories for me now. xxx


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