Abu Dhabi Days

Escaping from the relentless rain here in the south of England, I go over my pictures of the glorious sunshine of Abu Dhabi. I can take my self back there with this view from my bedroom


Join me in soaking up the sunshine,


wandering along the beach …


finding interesting pieces of coral  – is that what this is?

the beach did not at first look promising for beachcombing – one of my very favourite pastimes – but when I looked really closely


there were such delicate colours and beautiful fragments to be found ….

and eventually finding a few larger shells, I started to write names

And then I realised if I did a picture of the name of one of my grandchildren, then all eight needed to be done! More shells needed. …..

I got into a lovely routine of wandering slowly along the beach first thing each morning and ……..


mandalas started to take over from knitting designs.. .  . …

Such a grasshopper mind!


What is it about sorting and arranging that is SO pleasing and relaxing ……


9 responses to “Abu Dhabi Days

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  5. ooo!! yes Jackie – you conjure up such a lovely image of all our lovely blogging friends and followers wandering along the beach together ….. mmmmmm …….. bliss … collecting shells..making art….. lying around on sun beds …… fabulous fantasy to start my day!!! thank you so much for your wonderful support of my grasshopperness!!!!


  6. I don’t know how you do it, but you and your creative grasshopper mind have managed to add beauty to that gorgeous beach 🙂 Those are some ahhh-mazing pics… Wish we were all there on THAT beautiful shore! ❤

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