Crisp salad leaves grow,

A Permaculture triumph

Self-seeded, zone one


Ronovan’s words of the week: Sweet and Foul – here goes!

Sweet green lettuce leaves

Growing through foul winds and rain

Of Winter and Spring


 These salad leaves grow just outside my front door(Zone 1) in a Veg Trug – gardening at waist height – the way to go.

We would love to have a few more along for the weekly photo challenge – and all the subjects are already set out for you so you can plan well in advance. You can use old photos or fresh ones – each tells a story.

CRISP by Jamie, Roz, Garry, Melissa and Erika

Next week: GOLD               Go on give it a go!

Quite often as soon as I see the word of the week a photo springs to mind. I have enjoyed sharing old photos, giving them new life and a new story to share in blogland. I started adding haikus to the picture cos they just seemed to pop out!

And now I also include Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge, and like to see how the Haikus work together.

Melissa also combines the 2 challenges – in fact it was she who inspired me to do the same!


20 responses to “Crisp

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  3. Hi guys.. Lots of fun going on here!! 🐝I am sorry I don’t get time for chit chat, but I try to pop by when I can. I enjoy the poetry, and one day will commit to the poetry course, I don’t know how you all pack so much in. Still looking for a crisp photo… Love the snow, the washing line, and the lettuce. How do you get it to self seed btw??

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    • Hi Roz, I’m not surprised you don’t have much time to stop for a chat – you have SO much going on on that lovely place of yours. The lettuce was planted in the veg trug (click on the link to see it) and at the end of the summer last year, I just allowed a couple of plants to bolt, flower and set seed. I was amazed to see it all starting to grow in February, along with self seeded rocket. Thanks for popping by. xxx


      • Hi! I am trying to get better at seed saving and managed to save lettuce for the first time. I collected the tufts of seed heads and saved them in a bag over winter . I am chuffed to say the seedlings are now growing well. But it would be good to be able to leave them in a sheltered spot to self seed. Must try it in the poly . Come to think of it my rocket self seeded all over the poly last year!! Haha! 🐝👒🐝

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  4. Great picture, I’ve never seen lettuce growing. The two haiku go perfectly with it. Great job! 🙂


    • Thank you Vashti, so glad you like it. I am surprised to hear that you have never seen lettuce growing. I grew up on a farm and have always lived next to a garden with vegetables growing in it. Isn’t it great that our very different life experiences meet in creativity through haiku. Thanks for dropping by.<3


  5. Ha Ha! I love your Haiku – and your exchange with Ronovan! Wonderful.

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  6. Listen to you two crazy kids 🙂 Great Haikus Sandra, and photo. Lettuce looking quite yummy. Xx

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  7. Love lettuce but it almost was the end of me this weekend. Well the kind at a very large outing at a opening season baseball event. Never eat lettuce from a place that must do it in large quantities. The things the companies put on it to keep it fresh almost killed me. Ugh.


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