Haiku Challenge to include: VIE and REACH

to vie for fairness

and reach quiet enjoyment

 should it be this tough




Hard slate, broken glass

Trouble lurking near softness

Today feels like this


Photo Challenge: TEXTURE – So many pictures vying to be here for this subject! But in the end I chose this one as there are several textures and I notice the feeling of tension/danger that broken glass adds to this picture against the soft bouncy-ness of the curry plant.

As I was composing the Haiku I realised what a metaphor it is for how my days feel to me right now.

I have hinted at a very difficult legal situation running along in the background of my happy, family, creative life. It has reached a critical point at the moment – the photo fits perfectly! Please send me loving vibes for a swift and satisfactory resolution PLEASE!!!! Thank you!!! ❤


Other Photo Challenge entries: Texture: Erika, extraordinary – creativity happens!; Melissa: you get 3 haikus and some more street art as a bonus in Melissa’s post; Jamie: a subject that always grabs me too; Garry, a beautifully soft look in the eye

Next Week: EMOTION what photo would you choose?

13 responses to “Texture

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  2. Praying all works out to your benefit.
    As for your photo and textures, I like how many you have, glass, slate, brick, three textures of plants, remember the leaf on the left there. Plus you have that green stick/rod just behind the leaf. All very nice. I love the forefront right plant. succulants have always been a favorite of mine. I used to have a small pot garden of them in my office when I worked.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. I hadn’t even noticed that leaf at the back and the green stick, and I had taken no notice of the brick element either – it’s so great you pointed them out to me – thank you for sharing your keen observation, it adds value for me – oooh – I just love these creative chats! xxx


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  4. Ooh, that seems to be the underlying current for so many friends lately. I wonder why? Happy vibes coming your way. It inspired you, now it must be resolved, though perhaps not before it conjures up just the right idea for next weeks photo? Truly wish you nothing but happiness and for this to pass swiftly with a peaceful resolution.
    p.s. nice pic, painful texture, ouch. I’ll focus on the softness, ah… Great Haikus too 🙂

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    • Thank you for the happy vibes. It will be SO good when this situation is resolved. Weeding in the garden is helping. I’m not sure the first haiku works in the 2 sentences way, but I couldn’t get it to budge as it fitted so well with what I needed to say.

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      • Sometimes the message is more important than the delivery; message received 🙂 . And it’s very good. so is the second one. I like how one is clearly about the picture and one is nonspecific. Up early, heading to the mainland with my two daughters, meeting sisters in law. Should be a fun couple of days! I hope your situation moves in a positive direction in that time. Talk soon Sandra. Big hugs, Melissa Xx

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  5. Happy vibes to you. I need some too. Sometimes life just stinks!

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  6. I hope all ends well with the legal situation. I send you all my good wishes and a hug for good measure! 🙂

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