Loud colours excite

Vintage grey tones bring silence

And an eerie calm


This week’s photo prompt is CLOSE, crumbs I was stuck, what would you have photographed? And then I walked outside with my early morning cuppa and realised I live in a ‘Close’.

Definition – Close: a residential street without through access.

With a bit of playing around I got what I think is a vintage photo look – it looks a bit 1950s to me – what do you think? A bit spooky?

The Haiku prompt words, SILENCE and LOUD together with the photo, set off this train of thoughts inspired by summer’s early mornings, my favourite time of day……


The Close lies silent in the early morning light

And slowly comes to life with gentle stirrings

Birdsong and the soft footstep of dog walkers passing

As I take my tea to see which new flower opens.

Then, not too loud, my neighbours start their day

And chat in driveways checking all is well

We keep a distance and we keep in touch

Very different and with much in common

English village life, a challenge sometimes,

Has a richness, complex and connected

Weaving us all together in unseen ways,

A pleasant way to rub along for all our future days.


Other CLOSE photos: Cathy in a tight squeeze; Jamie, up close.

Next week’s Photo Prompt is SCENT. What would you choose to photograph?

One of my favourite Haiku this week is written by tjparis, who has beautifully combined it with the ‘In a Vase’ meme hosted by Rambling in the Garden – what a perfect combination.


22 responses to “Close

  1. Amazing Haiku. And the thoughts it inspired were profound. I loved both poems in the words chosen & the formation of their expression. I am impressed and love your poems. jk

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  3. Your photo looks like the calm before the storm. Any minute Loki and THor are going to appear in a gap in the clouds. ( can you tell I’m a huge Avengers nerd).
    Scent is a good prompt. You could go with the obvious perfumed flower but my favourite scent is the freshness that comes with rain on a really hot day

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    • I love your description of the scent of freshness – inspiring! I haven’t seen the ‘Avengers’ film – i’m intrigued now – will have to check it out. I like the way you are seeing something about to happen from the sky – eeeek! It makes me think that maybe a huge crack could also suddenly appear in the road ………….. !


  4. The picture is so unique.. makes me visualise a beautiful small town with serenity of heaven

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  5. That photo certainly sets off the haiku perfectly and vice versa. It has the air of expectancy about it, like something is going to kick off at any moment,
    That poem is wonderful as well. I like the way you describe village life as a ‘pleasant way to rub along!’

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  6. I love your poem. You’ve captured in the last six lines especially the essence of living close to others. Great photo too. I always enjoy your posts.

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, i think you too live in an English village, so I am especially glad you feel it captures something of that experience. It warms my heart to hear you enjoy my posts – I absolutely LOVE blogging – and it makes it all the richer if others enjoy what we have to share doesn’t it. 🙂 ❤


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  8. Just lovely. The picture has an air of the unexpected about it, like the opening sequence to a really good scary film. I love love love your poem.

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    • Oh I’m so excited about your comment Cathy. You describe perfectly the atmosphere I feel about the photo – Hitchcock-esque. One never knows if others see a similar thing – so often my friends and family look at me sideways when I voice these things!!!!! I too feel it is just waiting for something dramatic and scary to happen.
      I was a little nervous about including the ‘poem’ that just popped out and demanded to be written and was so hoping that someone would comment in some way. I was prepared for an eerie silence!!!!
      I’m no poet, but I’m finding the Haiku challenge and reading other’s posts is making my mind move in that direction, and I’m loving it!
      Your appreciation is immensely welcome – thank you.
      Hey! You’ve made my day!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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